February 28, 2024

Steam releases hundreds of games to play for free! paying off

a valve For the June 2023 issue of Steam is coming, which is already a traditional event for the company. For a week, from June 19 to 26, at 2:00 pm (Brasilia time), it will be available Hundreds of free game demos in development to the platform.

The full list of games can be accessed on the official Steam page after the event has started. In addition to the demonstrations The attraction will also feature live broadcasts and talk sessions with the developers of available addresses.

On the website, if you’re reading this news before the event starts, it’s still possible to set a reminder to receive it via email or via the Steam mobile app, as well as mark the date on your Apple, Google, or Outlook calendars.

What games will be available on Steam Coming Here?

At the moment not all titles that will be part of the event have been announced yet, but some have already been indicated in a trailer (available above), RPG card Lunar LuxGame Futuristic race ArcRacerHey Japanese RPG everlasting and the construction game flipper house 2.

Some titles can already be downloaded, such as Isometric pirate RPG Shadow maneuver and the Adventure and platform game Runa and Chikuro’s legacywhich are based on folklore indigenous to South America, including part of southern Brazil.

Either way, it’s worth paying attention to the event to check out some of the big games coming up or just to pass the time. its just Access to the platform Between June 19th and 26th, upload whatever interests you!