February 27, 2024
Grêmio x Fluminense: Watch Where to Watch, Differences, Embezzlement and Judging |  Brazilian series

Grêmio x Fluminense: Watch Where to Watch, Differences, Embezzlement and Judging | Brazilian series

Grêmio is still buried in the penultimate position with 26 points as they lose 1-0 to Gre-Nal on Saturday in Beira-Rio. Tricolor Gaucho is 10 points behind Bahia, first out of Z-4, and losing the last four games.

Fluminense is eighth with 42 points, and continues to hunt for the G-6, which is five. In the final round, the Marcão team beat Sport, in Maracanã, and interrupted a streak of two defeats in a row.

flow: Premiere across Brazil, with narration by Jader Rocha and commentary by Grafite and PC Vasconcellos.

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Guild – Coach: Wagner Mancini

After four consecutive losses, the coach will have to make some changes to the team. Stop Cortez and Thiago Santos. Gabriel Chapecco, Borja, Villasante are with their picks in the playoffs. Also, some players may be out of drain. Campaz and Sarara should enter the midfield, while left back Diogo Barbosa and Vanderson should be on the right.

Possible guild lineup: Brenno; Vanderson, Jeromell, Kahneman and Diogo Barbosa (Rafinha); Lucas Silva, Sarara, Douglas Costa, Campaz and Ferreira; Diego Souza (Elias).

  • Who is out: Gabriel Chapecco, Borja and Flasanti (FIFA History) and Cortez and Thiago Santos (Suspended).
  • suspended: Rodriguez, Victor Bobsen, Diego Souza, Fernando Henrique, Darlan, Mateus Sarara, Vanderson, Jeromel, Villasante and Wagner Mancini.

Fluminense – Technical: Marcao

On Sunday, after the victory over Sport, Fluminense did not have practical time to train. It was a rolling Monday and then the team traveled to Porto Alegre. With this said, Marcão tends to repeat the last team, with Yago potentially returning to Martinelli’s vacant place, and Cazares, who started well last Saturday, taking charge of Arias.

Possible Fluminense lineup: Marcos Philippe; Samuel Xavier, Nino, David Braz and Marlon; André Iago (Martinelli), John Arias (Cazares), and Luiz Enrique; John F. Kennedy and Fred.

  • Who is out: Goose (right forearm) and Hudson (right knee);
  • suspended: Andre, Danilo Barcellos, Fred, John Arias, Luca, Marcos Seixas (physical coach), Nino and Samuel Xavier.
  • Rule: Vinicius Gonçalves Dias Araujo (SP);
  • Auxiliaries: Marcelo Carvalho van Gas (SP) and Daniel Paolo Zioli (SP);
  • Video Arbitrator (VAR): Rodrigo Garrizo Ferreira do Amaral (SP).