May 31, 2023
Guilherme asks Neném to take care of Tigrão if he dies in "The More Life, the Better!"  |  Come to me around - come

Guilherme asks Neném to take care of Tigrão if he dies in “The More Life, the Better!” | Come to me around – come

“I’m sick, baby. That’s me. I needed someone to vent. I’m freaked out! Just thinking about everything I’m going to lose, my heart is racing,” Gui told the player.

The child manages to calm Guilherme’s heart in the movie “The better life, the better!” – Photo: Globe

The child will be able to calm Gui, who will show him the videos he was recording to leave for the daughter who Flavia (Valentina Herzag) wait. After that, the player who wears the shirt 10 will be asked to take care of him Tigger (Matthews Abreu)“Son of Monday”.

The doctor asks, “Take care of Tigger for me when I’m not here anymore.”

“You didn’t even have to ask me that,” would Nineim.

Gilherme tells Ninem that he chose death in the movie “The more life, the better!” – Photo: Globe

And after the conversation with Ninem, Guilherme will be kept fainted in his room by his father, Daniel (Tattoo Gups Mendes).

“William, are you alright? Son!” he would shout frightened.

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The child tries to calm Guilherme. Paula regrets Marcelo. Juca invites Flávia to dinner at her house. Guilherme records the surgery. Jukka tells Paula that she will tell Flavia the truth. Soraya noticed the exchange of looks between Tigrau and Tina. The child signs a contract with Flamengo. Guilherme feels bad and tries to hide it in front of Flávia. Paula gives up going to dinner at Jukka’s house. Osvaldo reconciles and plea. Bibi is sick and everyone is worried. Daniel finds Guilherme fainted. Flavia discovers the truth and confronts Paula.

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See Guilherme and Neném’s conversation about Tigrão’s paternity:

Child talking to Guilherme about Tigrão