June 14, 2024

Baroness, Rogerio, Brenda, Matthews, Erica and Denny

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Baroness, Rogerio, Brenda, Matthews, Erica and Denny

couples Baronca and Rogerio, Brenda Paixao, Mateus Sampaio, Erica Dias and Denny They are in the second DR of “Power Couple 6”. They are now calling for a public vote to escape the hot seat and live for the fourth week of reality show From RecordTV.

Brenda Picasso and Matthew Sampaio ended up in the Dominican Republic due to mismanagement of the financial balance. The hugely influential bet on her partner in the men’s race, saw him lose and ended up going to the popular vote as a penalty for losing money for the week.

Erika Dias and Dinei are at risk of being eliminated from the game for not taking the pairs test. In dynamics involving animals, they chose to abandon the test field and went straight to the hot seat.

The third couple of “Power Couple 6” season 2 has been decided in a head-to-head vote at the Palace of Power. Baronca and Rogerio got five votes and saw the numbers rise to nine as power couple Gabe Augusto and Kartoloko switched the four votes from Carol and Mosonzinho to them.

Thus, the hot seat is formed with Baronesa, Rogério, Brenda Paixão, Matheus Sampaio, Erika Dias and Dinei. The outcome of the game’s pairs future is in the public’s hands and will be released Thursday night (19th), live, on RecordTV.

See who voted for whom in forming the second parliament:

  • Andrea Andrade and Nahim – Baroness and Rogerio
  • Caroline Menezes and Mosonzinho – Baronesa and Ruggero
  • Erica Dias and Denny – Baroness and Rogerio
  • Gabi Augusto and Kartoloko – Baroness and Rogerio
  • Anne Duarte and Father Lanza – Baroness and Rogerio
  • Baroness and Ruggiero – Caroline Menezes and Mosonzinho
  • Brenda Picasso and Matthews Sampaio – Caroline Menezes and Mosonzinho
  • Levi Moraes and Fernando Borges – Caroline Menezes and Mosonzinho
  • Adriana Ribeiro and Albert Bressan – Caroline Menezes and Mosonzinho
  • Elisa and Hadbala – Andrea Andrade and Naim
  • Michele Bassa and Bruno Bassa – Andrea Andrade and Nahim
  • Luana Andrade and Joao Haddad – Michele Bassa and Bruno Bassa

‘Power Couple’: Baronesa, Rogério, Brenda, Matheus, Erika and Dinei are in the DR in ‘Power Couple’: Who do you want to stay?

total 526 wishes

Inside the “Power Couple” mansion

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