February 26, 2024
Entenda por que o seu cartão de crédito pode ser cancelado

Has your credit card been cancelled? See Possible Causes

You might not know it, but Banks He may decide to cancel his credit card credit At what time. But don’t worry, it won’t happen without reason.

In general, the major financial institutions, such as nubankAnd Interbank And C6 . BankYou have an auto-cancellation policy for credit cards Before some specific actions.

In addition, in some cases, banks have ready responses to possible complaints from their customers. So, to find out when your credit card can be cancelled, check below!

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Understand why the bank might decide to cancel your credit card

Therefore, before anything else, you need to understand the main reasons for cancellation. Automatic credit card enrollment almost always occurs after the bank notes that the account has been inactive for 12 months.

So it leads to automatic cancellation. This inactivity occurs due to lack of deposits, transfers, creation of vouchers and other common daily transactions.

However, there are other situations that can lead to credit card cancellation. One of them is that the CPF is negative. Failure to update customer data within the deadline set financial technology It could also be a cause.

Another reason for cancellation is the case of suspicious account transactions, such as fraud. But in this case, the credit card cancellation is not instantaneous. The digital bank first contacts the owner to clarify the suspicion.

Finally, another aspect that can cancel the account is non-compliance with the rules established by the Terms of Use.

In this sense, each bank has its own rules, and if your credit card is canceled, the institution may decide to refuse to explain the reason. Therefore, always try to do it in the right way and do not try to violate the rules for using the account in any way.

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