June 23, 2024

Have you heard of Google Cemetery? Find out what’s “buried” there

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Have you heard of Google Cemetery?  Find out what's "buried" there

During more than 23 years of operation, the company has been responsible for launching several products with a variety of functions. Some outages occur naturally due to the need for reframing and technological advances. The company has a website called “Google Cemetery”It stocks about 166 products and services that have been discontinued since 2006.

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Some of them, although launched a long time ago, are still in the market due to their functionality and traditions, as is the case with Gmail and Maps. On the other hand, others that were successful in the past are currently not available to the general public. Thanks to advances in technology, some things are ending up outdated, so they’ve been discontinued.

In Google’s graveyard, it is possible to find out why such a product was withdrawn from the market, as well as other information, such as its shelf life on the market and its descriptions.

Discover some of the products that Google has discontinued

It was the social network Orkut, which was very successful during the 2000s. For the Brazilians, she was a pioneer. To this day, many people ask to return it, although it seems like a “dream” that is almost impossible to achieve. Unfortunately, Orkut only lasted for ten years. It ended in 2014 and left a legacy that continues to this day.

Google recently announced that its cloud gaming service will be discontinued starting in January 2023. The announcement doesn’t seem to have surprised most game lovers. The surprise was the service life on the market, where it was only three in the air.

Picasa was a digital photo editing program. He was also 14 years old, starting in 2002 and ending in 2016.

The Google advertiser This is the main reason for The the retirement from Picasa that it what or what he is He wanted to focus his entire efforts on one service multiplataform from pictures , In the Pictures ”, the site explained about the end of the program.

Google killed him

a Google killed him It works similar to Google Cemetery, but with a greater wealth of details and information. On this site, 144 discontinued products are listed. They are broken down into categories like services, apps, devices, and more.

Both Google Cemetery and Killed by Google claim that the number of discontinued products is much higher than those currently on the market, but there are some that can still work today, such as Reader.

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