June 30, 2022
Patrícia Abravanel em pé, no palco do Programa Silvio Santos

“He said I made a mistake.”

during the Silvio Santos program This Sunday (31), Patricia Abravanel She revealed that she was reprimanded by her father who criticized her for offering attractiveness. In the Sunday owner’s daughter version, Silvio Santos I was going to call her to say that there were many errors in running the program and also to give her tips on how to present the Three Clues game.

Patricia took over the Silvio Santos program after Father has been kept away from Covid-19. After registering, she also had to be banished due to her presence sickHowever, he returned to normal after the quarantine period. program holder Already took the third dose of the vaccineHowever, there is no date yet to return to the recordings.

During the program, Patricia gave details of what happened. “I’m really more excited, do you know why? He called me and then talked about my condition. Then he kept saying I did a lot of wrong things. He said ‘Patricia, you don’t know how he did the three clues, he already complained and then he said I talked too much, did you?'” Do you think I talked too much? He did it,” he said, laughing.

It went on. “I thought it was cool, does that mean Silvio Santos is coming, and Silvio Santos is there, right, Silvio Santos? I’m giving his hints, I’m very happy, right? Now it’s good that my responsibility here is light, you know why? Replacement The irreplaceable is hopeless, so let’s do what we want? Silvio Santos, don’t cover me, okay?”

Patricia Abravanel and Silvio Santos

But Patricia also talked about the phone call. She said before showing that her father taught her step by step how to present the drawing.

“He said, ‘Do you understand? You don’t understand, let’s do it again,'” and then I ‘okay dad, let’s do it again.’ He was great, you saw he was totally excited, right, Silvio Santos? He’ll be here in a bit, and he’ll be back soon,” she celebrated before closing the case.