June 4, 2023

“Holding parties and riding horses at his house.” The mother of a shaman’s daughter exposes Mutreb, accusing him of being an absentee father, and claims that the famous one does not take care of a child


The woman also claims that the shaman only saw her daughter 15 times in two years

© Photo 1 – Reproduction: Instagram / Renata Gutierrez | Image 2 – Reproduction: Instagram/ShamanThe mother of Chaman’s daughter exposes Mughni and accuses him of being an absentee father

digital influencer Renata Gutierrez Social networks moved by posting an angry outburst in which the singer participated shamanAnd he has a two-year-old daughter. In a series of stories, the woman accused her ex-partner of being an absentee father.

In a long text, Renata announced this shaman He will not provide proper support for raising his daughter: “How many times did Hanna get sick and take an Uber at dawn to take her to the hospital. When I warned him, he replied that support is sending the driver to pick it up, while I was posting a party and rollercoaster at his house. I always try to align my schedule with his, which I understand is more complicated than ours.”I started.

Play: Instagram / Shaman

Renata also stated that she had to threaten him to ensure that the famous surname of the child was registered: “Since my administration, I’ve gone through everything on my own. From medical appointments to actually being there for Hanna. Without emotional and financial support, this struggle is always for the bottom line. It took months for my daughter to be registered with a notary and was only released by threats about alienating a parent.”

The influencer also revealed that Shaman has been seeing her daughter several times since she was born: “You can count on your fingers the days when Hanna was in contact with her father, except when it’s a holiday or he has a partnership and he wants to sell a picture to someone who isn’t, as now it’s Easter.”.

Finally, Renata accused Xamã of being a narcissist and didn’t utter the words in blasting the singer: “He is a very narcissistic and selfish person, and every time I demand some parental responsibility, if I don’t accept the terms of “be a father when I want, I can’t pay or help”, he becomes the bad guy. It is not a mere weakness of the husband, it is a double of the man, of the father, and suffers from a severe perversion of character.”