December 2, 2023
How do I cancel Pix and request a refund?

How do I cancel Pix and request a refund?

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Pix is ​​a real hit in Brazil, not only for its simple system, but also for its speed and free resources.

However, this does not prevent people from doubting the functioning of the system. Among them, you can ask yourself: is there a way to cancel Pix and claim a refund? After all, no one is free from making mistakes. With that in mind, check out the answer below.

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How do I cancel Pix and request a refund?

After all, is it possible to cancel Pix? It depends. In short, transactions made through Pix happen instantly. According to the Central Bank (BC), within 10 seconds the amount leaves the paying person’s account to be deposited into the winning person’s account.

That is, Pix cannot be canceled after the motive for the conversion has been confirmed. BC even says the only way to cancel Pix is ​​before sending money. Therefore, it is important to verify all the information before completing the process, such as the branch number, Pix key, checking account and the name of the person who will receive the payment.

According to BC, the first thing to do to try and cancel Pix, if you’re the payer, is to contact the person who received the transfer and ask that person for a refund. including everything Banks Which supports Pix, has a refund button to ask the recipient to return the amount of Pix.

In short, the case is Pix’s return will depend on the other person’s goodwill. As stated above, Pix cannot be canceled once the motive for the conversion has been confirmed. Therefore, even if the money went to an unknown account, BC understands that the payment was not illegal.

Additionally, it is possible to contact the bank to see if any further action can be taken to attempt to cancel Pix. However, that It is not a guarantee that a person will get their money back.

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