June 13, 2024

How does the effects of ocean warming affect our lives?

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How does the effects of ocean warming affect our lives?

Although many people treat this as an insignificant effect or say it does not exist, global warming does exist and causes a lot of problems. The latest is the warming of the average ocean temperature.

This warming in recent months has shown an average temperature of around 21°C, which should be between 17 and 19°C. Now you might be thinking: But the difference is not that huge. However, let’s remember that we are talking about the average temperature, that is, this is the value between the lowest and highest temperature.

Therefore, this means that in warmer places, such as latitudes close to the equator, this event can have very high temperatures, reaching or even exceeding 30 degrees Celsius.

In addition, we are talking about the fact that the temperature near the poles has risen, which, accordingly, could lead to a rise in sea levels. For those who don’t live near the coasts, this might not be a big deal, but for those who live near the coasts, it means losing everything.

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What could cause a rise in ocean temperatures?

But these effects are known by many despite turning a blind eye to them. However, there are other factors that have modified thanks to this high temperature. After all, changing ocean temperature also changes land temperature.

This is because the oceans act as a regulator, absorbing much of the excess temperature generated by the greenhouse effect. So, without oceans to regulate this temperature, surface dwellers have increasingly felt the already significant effects of the rising heat.

However, it is not only humans and animals on the surface who have felt these effects, because the high temperature in the seas helps the growth of many algae, and thus impedes the absorption of oxygen by many marine species.

Considering that many countries have marine species as their main source of protein, this will affect the lives of millions. However, anyone who thinks this will only affect countries that depend on marine life for food is mistaken.

Any Brazilian knows that a large part of our income comes from agriculture, which is also directly affected by the warming of the ocean.

Recently many have noticed the lack of rain in many parts of the country, meanwhile, others have experienced heavy rainfall. This is without considering that the increase in temperature favors other factors, such as the development of insects, which is another big problem for farmers.

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