October 2, 2022
How does the rocker in the security robot dog work in Rio?

How does the rocker in the security robot dog work in Rio?

who is who rock in rio 2022, between September 2 and 11, you must encounter a technological security novelty: a robot dog. Although it appears to have come straight out of an episode of the Black Mirror series, Yellow, as it is called, will make rounds of the event to analyze the environment and suspicious events, with the help of artificial intelligence.

The data is transmitted to the human guards in real time, via 5G networkIt will be managed by SegurPro, which is responsible for event security.

It is estimated that Rock City hosts a total of 700,000 people. And with so many people around, safety is a major concern. The assistant was already present at major events in Europe, such as the Mutua Madrid Open and the Rock Championships in Rio Lisbon.

The four-legged robotic security guard is actually Spot, by Boston Dynamicsand was customized by the security company SegurPro. It contains temperature sensors, which allows it to avoid fires, and even expose itself to protect human lives. All this thanks to its proprietary AI technology, which uses the GenzAI platform, allowing it to detect suspicious items and alert monitoring agents.

They can roam independently on night patrols – where they automatically maintain their missions – or through human observation, during the general presence. During the Mutua Madrid Open Tennis Championships, the robot dog served as a private security guard, accompanying the players in their training and matches.

The dog robot system can also determine the presence of harmful gases in the place, and other situations that put visitors at risk. The data is transmitted in real time over 5G – a high-speed wireless connection – to the monitoring center, which is located within the City of Rock.

The Control Center (CCO) at Rock in Rio 2022 is an observation space and there are 20 people in between IT professionals, police forces and firefighters. Overall, SegurPro is the official company responsible for the Rock in Rio 2022 security team.

In addition to the robot dog, the structure will also house 2,000 human customers and 25 drivers with trained sniffer dogs. 130 cameras will also be installed – two at night and one thermal – and two Drones automated. To complete, there will be 30 cameras (corporate cameras) with face recognition.

Robot dog on social media

The influence of modernity on social networks Attracted attention last week.

Several netizens even made an amusing comparison between the security dog ​​Rock in Rio 2022 and the evil bot from Black Mirror – a series that showcases miserable communities in its scripts. A robotic and clever villain appears in Season 4, Episode 5, produced by Netflix.

One netizen commented on her Twitter post: “Selling my ticket to rock band in Rio. Reason: This robot dog is my biggest fear since s4e5 from Black Mirror.” And the fun doesn’t stop there.