October 2, 2022
Does the five-second rule of picking up food from the floor really work?

Does the five-second rule of picking up food from the floor really work?

In general, the 5 second base It is a myth because it has no scientific basis. According to experts, the five-second period is more than enough for a chain of bacteria and viruses from the Earth to stick to food.

When food Located on a smooth surface, such as the kitchen floor or table, this adherence to microorganisms is more intense. according to Search From Clemson University in the United States, more than 99% of bacterial cells can be transferred from the ground to food.

How does food react for 5 seconds?

The researchers observed that a single slice of paulownia in contact with soil for 5 seconds was able to concentrate 99% of the bacterial cells in the soil. However, when food was left on the mat, the concentration of bacteria Much less.

The research determined that the main risk of consuming food from the earth is the infection of diseases associated with bacteria of the genus. salmonellaEspecially salmonella thyphimorium. This microorganism is known to cause typhoid fever, the symptoms of which include intestinal problems, nausea, persistent vomiting, and prolonged fever.

In addition, transmission of this disease occurs almost immediately after contact, as revealed by the researchers responsible for the article.

Although it depends on the type of surface, bacteria acquired from food in contact with the ground can survive for long periods in foodsAs well as in the human body.

Food that comes into contact with the ground can turn into a place where bacteria multiply, causing various diseases to humans. Therefore, it is necessary think twice Before you eat something that has fallen to the floor, even for 5 seconds.