June 18, 2024

“how I miss you”

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"how I miss you"


The new version will expire on October 7.

Reproduction / Instagram Marcos Palmira
Reproduction / Instagram Marcos Palmira

Bruno Luberi’s plot has only a few days to finish. Absolute success, a remake of swampI began to miss the audience. However, it is not only the audience that suffers from this chest pain, the actors are also missing out on the socialization and acting in the Pantanal.

Marcos Palmera is one, last Wednesday night (29), the artist posted, on his official Instagram profile, a photo alongside his colleagues who serve him as pawns in the conspiracy. He wrote with love:How I miss joining these forces, these dear pawns. Hey, Pantanal, I really miss you…”revealed the actor, who will be bidding farewell to the TV series soon.

The new version was recorded in Mato Grosso do Sul, far from their homes and families. Therefore, the Pantanal family needed to stay together and live in the same house, creating an emotional bond not only for the audience who saw the passion in the characters, but behind the scenes between the actors according to what was published and what was published. On some popular social networks.

Photos and videos of what is happening were recorded completely outside the cameras. In addition to respect, it was often possible to see Jesuíta Barbosa, José Loreto, Marcos Palmeira, Dirá Paes, Guito, Alanis Guillen, Gabriel Sater and others in moments of intimacy.

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