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Deborah is the first farmer to be saved from the second

Deborah is the first farmer to be saved from the second

Deborah Albuquerque was the first farmer to be rescued from the second rightfarm 2022″ (RecordTV). She faced the hot seat next to Ingrid and Rosieand is still in the race for 1.5 million Brazilian riyals.

It’s time girls. It is very important to know where you are. Before announcing this, Galisto said the land of Vasanda is almost smooth and uniform.

Deborah, you’ve been standing firm since you arrived and you haven’t been afraid. Even on your second day, you didn’t lower your head. Whoever comes back from here will come back stronger. But beware: this is where the fall happens. Where someone stumbles and falls and never gets up. Adrien Galistio

“Ingrid, sometimes it gives the impression that you want to go too fast and then too slowly. This may be the strategy you have chosen. Today we will find out if it is a safe or a risky strategy,” the presenter stated.

“Rosie, everyone is making their own journey. You track your time and have already said that you notice everything that is going on around you. This skill can be very useful in places where the challenge is coexistence. But remember, at Fazenda, you have to be attentive to every something,” Galisto added.

“Here you either play the game or cancel the game,” Galisto concluded, before saving the pawn.

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Farm 2022: The second farm of this season had only women

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How was the rock formed?

Dylan Bezerra won the second race of the lantern and gained two powers, the The red chosen by the public, and yellow. The lawyer took the red lawyer and handed the yellow to Petala Bareros.

Cheyenne, Farmer of the Week nominated Vinnie Patel To occupy the first seat in the hot seat:

“Being a farmer is so complicated, you go through a lot of ups and downs. I’ve changed my nomination a few times, but today I’m going to nominate me. Talk about women’s clothing, which I think is very wrong,” Shay said.

Upon his nomination, Finney described the farmer as a sadist-masochist: “I think Sadie Mazokhchi tea. He likes to be told by people to go take out the ruins* and to be called to strike.”

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The Farm 2022: Shay is the Farmer of the Week

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In all, Deborah received 10 votes. By opening the red power, Deolane can pull all the votes from one person and replace them with another: “I’ll take it from Bia and pass it on to Deborah.” Thus, Deborah got 14 votes and took the second seat.

Petal, with the yellow power, had to choose someone from the bay to be invulnerable and not be able to be pulled by Deborah. Roseanne Pinheiro was chosen by the influencer.

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A Fazenda 2022: Women’s Stud in the second division formation

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It remains bye and one

Deborah, with the most votes in the house, pulled Ingrid O’Hara from the booth. Rosian, who was saved from the Bay Clouds, was left behind and took the last seat of the farm.

What killed Ingrid O’Hara in the second part of “Vazanda 2022”?


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