March 1, 2024
How much did the Brazilians get from qualifying for the Round of 16?

How much did the Brazilians get from qualifying for the Round of 16?

With yesterday’s matches in Groups B and E, the Editor’s Cup he met All qualified for the round of 16 of the competition.

The 32 clubs that participated in the group stage guaranteed $3 million (about 14.3 million R$ at the current price) – $1 million (4.77 million R$) for each game they played as a team on their home soil.

Whoever made it to the round of 16 added up to another $1.05 million (5 million R$) in this prize, nearly R$20 million for those seeded.

From the round of 16 onwards, the prize pool will gradually increase. Whoever advances to the quarter-finals receives another $1.5 million (R$7.1 million) and whoever reaches the semi-finals wins another $2 million (R$9.5 million).

Cup final Editors 2022 gets two different prizes: the runner-up wins $6 million (R$28.6 million) and the champion gets $16 million (R$76.3 million).

The total prize money for the champion of this edition of the continental competition is $23.55 million (R$112.3 million).

See the prizes offered at each stage of the Libertadores-2022

Group stage: $3 million (14.3 million Brazilian real)
Eighth Finals: $1.05 million (5 million Brazilian reais)
Quarter-finals: $1.5 million (7.1 million Brazilian real)
Semi-finals: 2 million dollars (9.5 million Brazilian reals)
Second place: $6 million (BRL 28.6 million)
a hero: $16 million (76.3 million Brazilian real)
Total for champion: $23.55 million (112.3 million Brazilian reais)