January 28, 2023
VP apologizes for the talk comparing Corinthians to Liverpool

VP apologizes for the talk comparing Corinthians to Liverpool

besides Controversy over his relationship with striker Roger GeddesCoach Vitor Pereira took advantage of today’s press conference (27) at CT Joaquim Grava to illustrate another thorny topic that has been discussed on social media over the past few days: the comparison he made between Corinthians And Liverpool. The Portuguese apologized for the way he delivered the verdict last Sunday (22) and made clear what he wanted to say on that occasion.

“I want to address my unfortunate discussion about Liverpool to explain what I meant. I wasn’t happy to express what I meant, a lot of times we want to express something and we can’t. I interrupted my thinking and the speech became awkward. I apologise, Corinthians is a great club, a club that treats me well, It makes me feel like my family. I’m grateful to the club,” the coach argued at the start of his apology.

“I’m already dreaming of playing in the Champions League final, that’s what I thought, but I stopped thinking and it was broadcast. Listening to this at home, I realized I wasn’t happy with what I said. We have to understand the context. That’s what happened. I apologize, no I want to compare Liverpool to Corinthians, I meant that I want to play in the Champions League final, which is the dream of every coach,” concluded Vitor Pereira, who asked for the floor before journalists began the rounds of questions.

Last Sunday, after facing Sao Paulo in the classic Magistoso, Vitor Pereira used the example between Liverpool and Corinthians to express his view on striker Roger Guedes not participating in that match. Even the relationship with the striker seems settled behind the scenes, according to the coach’s statement.

“If you ask me, I’d like to coach Liverpool, with all the respect I have for Corinthians. That’s not what we want, in my opinion, in terms of the game, it’s not what we want, that’s what the team needs. Sometimes the team needs Roger on the left, and in cases The other one is in the middle or on the right,” VP said last weekend.