June 25, 2024

In a crowded VAR match, Cruzeiro defeated Criciuma and remained in the lead

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In a crowded VAR match, Cruzeiro defeated Criciuma and remained in the lead

In a tight game with active VAR technology, the Sea trip win – win Criciúma 1-0, in stoppage time, in Heriberto Hülse, still the leader Series B from Brazilian. The result continued Raposa’s winning streak in the competition, which now adds up to six straight wins. Criciúma had Leo Costa sent off and disallowed in the first half – both situations confirmed by VAR photos,

Cruzeiro entered the field knowing that, regardless of the score, they no longer had a chance of losing the top spot in the round, defeating Bahia by Tombense 1-0, at Murray, before rolling the ball in Santa Catarina.

With 22 points, Minas Gerais has five points Vascowhich ranks second. If lost Novorizontino CSA it’s the Syndicate As for Villa Nova, Raposa will finish the round nine points ahead of the fifth-placed finisher. Criciúma has ten points and follows it in the middle part of the table.

Cruzeiro returns to the field next Friday (3), in front of Obreiro, at 21:30 (Brasilia), in Ponta Grossa, Parana. Criciúma visits Bahia, Saturday (4), at 4:30 pm, at Arena Fonte Nova.

First time

It was a stage with few clear chances, but it only intensified in the last stage in favor of the hosts. Before, however, Tiger was a lesser player. On the 26th, Léo Costa made a solid entry in Jajá. The referee yellowed him, but the VAR recommended that the show be checked and the athlete be sent off. Even with a minus, Criciúma stepped up and got a good chance from Thiago Alagoano, who hit first, after Marquinhos Gabriel fired a superb defense by Cabral.

At the age of 51, Marquinhos Gabriel beat Brock, crossed into the area and Hermes sent him to the back of the net. However, the VAR came into effect again and disallowed the goal by touching the arm of the Cresima player. This movement triggered a revolution and the first phase ended with upward pressure from the government.

Target view has been canceled in Cricipuma - Clone / Sportv - Clone / Sportv

Marcelo Hermes’ attempt in the match between Criciúma x Cruzeiro . was called off

Photo: Playback / Sportv


With another player and three changes made by Paolo Pezulano at the end of the first half, Cruzeiro returned to the second stage and put pressure on the hosts. At 9, Giovanni kicked off the midfielder, and Gustavo spread the ball. Two minutes later, Oliveira also tried from a distance and the ball hit the Santa Catarina team goalkeeper. At the age of 13, he received Leo Paes from Rodolfo, and sought the right corner from Gustavo, who defended again. Pezulano’s team continued to create chances, but the goal came in the 47th minute with a shot from outside the area with Yaga.

Gunner’s Dark Night

Cruzeiro’s top scorer of the year, with 14 goals in 19 games, Edu didn’t have a good night at Criciúma. During the entire first half, he was isolated in attack and received some balls. Paolo Pezzolano, the player, was sacked in the first half and replaced by Rodolfo.

defense is sound

The goalless draw may have frustrated Cruzeiro’s forwards, but it kept the defensive system happy. The team has not conceded any goal in seven matches, six of which are for the Brasileirao and one for the Copa del Rey. Thus, goalkeeper Rafael Cabral outperformed Dida and now has the second longest consecutive streak for a goalkeeper without conceding a net for Raposa behind Raul, who played 11 consecutive games without being leaked in the seventies.

Keep taboo

Cruzeiro and Krichima have not faced each other in more than six years. In addition to driving, Raposa entered the field with a focus on keeping taboos for more than 20 years without losing to Santa Catarina and was able to do so. Minas Gerais’ last defeat was against Crichima in March 2002, when they were beaten in Mineirao, 2 to 1, in a match valid for the extinct Copa Sol Minas.

data sheet:

CRICIÚMA 0 x 1 Cruz
Brazilian Second Division – Round 9
date and time: May 27, 2022 (Friday), 9:30 p.m. (Brasilia time)
place: Heriberto Hülse Stadium, in Criciúma (SC)
Rule: Paulo Roberto Alves Jr. (PR)
Auxiliaries: Bruno Boschilla (FIfa/PR) and Victor Hugo Imazu dos Santos (PR)
Video Assistant Referee: Rodrigo Carvalhaes de Miranda (PR)
yellow cards: Gustavo and Gabriel Marquinhos (CRI) Oliveira, Levanor and Giovanni (CRU)
red card: Leo Costa (CRI)
Goal: Yaga, 47 minutes into the second half (CRU)

chrysium: Gustavo. Claudinho (Christofam), Rodrygo, Ryan and Marcelo Hermes; Leo Costa, Arilson and Rafael Bello (Eduardo Mello); Thiago Alagwano (Romolo), Marquinhos Gabriel (Lucas Xavier) and Felipe Mateus (Marcos Cerrato). Coach: Claudio Tencati.

Sea trip: Rafael Cabral, Giovanni Jesus (Adriano), Eduardo Brock and Oliveira; Rafael Santos (Matthews Beddo), Willian Oliveira, Neto Mora and Fernando Canisim (Lovanor); Igoño (Leo Paes) and Gaga and Edo (Rodolfo). Coach: Paolo Pezulano.

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