June 1, 2023
Perez punches Leclerc in the final and drives an FP3 in the Formula 1 Monaco GP - F1 news

Perez punches Leclerc in the final and drives an FP3 in the Formula 1 Monaco GP – F1 news

Formula 1 2022: All about Monaco GP Friday | instructions

Few – if any – places in world motorsport have a classification and definition of the Grand Class as fundamental to race results as in Monte Carlo. This Saturday (28), in Monaco, the teams prepared to mark a good part of the weekend and are still concerned about the possibility of rain all day. At rehearsal, it was the third and final free practice Sergio Perez Who got the best and drove.

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Once again, the duel between Ferrari And the red bull He was very close, but Leclerc kept control of the actions for nearly the entire session. The moment passed for Perez, but soon after, Charles equalized the lap – and later got better. “Checo” will return to the lead five minutes before the end, when he scored 1 minute 12 seconds 554. Leclerc will have another chance. He even took the chance, but Perez, in a final turn and with less than 20 seconds on the clock, found 1min12s476 and the tip.

Once again his teammates weren’t so fast. Carlos Sainz He was slower than Leclerc by more than 0s3 and took third place, while Max Verstappenin fourth, was 0s405 behind Perez.

Pierre Gasly He was the best of the rest, with fifth place. Lando NorrisLewis Hamilton and Kevin Magnussen George Russell And the Fernando Alonso Close top 10. Unlike yesterday’s FP2, there was no serious accident and no red flag, but Lance’s Outing Scratch the wall with some severity in the pool part.

The Formula 1 Continues with Monaco GB from 11 am [de Brasília], when the screening begins. a grand prize accompanies everything live on At present.

Favorite Sergio Perez? (Photo: Red Bull Content Collection)
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Even with the possibility of rain over the next few minutes and hours, Formula 1 The third and final free practice started in Monaco as the sun was almost fully open and hot. Although the ambient temperature was slightly below 30°C, the track was still up to 50°C, as it was the day before. Hot asphalt for the opening Saturday.

He was the first to take the path Nicholas LatifiOn-board Williams. Even with some movement, FP3 started out a bit monotonously. Meanwhile, the flow Sky Sports England spoke with Christian Horner, Head of red bullWho warned: The team made a lot of changes to Saturday after dominating Ferrari In practice on Friday.

Fernando Alonso He did a good quick lap to open the schedule, in fact, and was in the company Valtteri Bottaswhich already has a good enough rhythm with a stretch Alfa Romeo Forget he wasn’t on track for his first free practice due to issues in the back of the #77 car.

Max Verstappen still can’t beat the Ferraris in Monaco (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool)

The trips to the track were on soft tires to start training. It took a while to get started, but when Ferrari I entered the track, and the pace increased once and for all. Charles Leclerc quickly had a pressure of under 1min 14secs: he made 1min 13secs 647. Carlos Sainz came in second while Max Verstappen 0s808 walked slower than Leclerc and was fourth, behind him Sergio Perez. The Dutchman’s next attempt will come after nearly 20 minutes of training and he plays with the championship leader for 1 minute 13 seconds 685 seconds, and now in second place.

Sainz needed to get close to his teammate, but the Spaniard initially went through chicane style and wasted time. Then 0s137 passed behind her, but still did not beat Verstappen.

However, this was just the beginning of the time drop, as Leclerc entered a 1 minute 12 second gap during FP3. The home driver lowered the lap to 1min 13sec 4s, but Perez would come in the sequence to score 1min 13sec 297. Incredibly, Charles did the same time a minute later and left the two tied up in front, with an advantage for the Mexican, who He rolled earlier.

about it, Lance’s Outing fight with the car Aston Martin He ran away frequently in Saint-Dévote’s escape area, causing a yellow flag. The mercedes I’m still trying to find each other and put the two cars in the top ten: George Russell 0s8 was behind the lead, while Lewis Hamilton It didn’t even show up in the same second.

Even before the halfway mark, Leclerc was improving his lap again: 1min12s885. Now, yes, first.

Lando Norris is still one of the best left (Photo: McLaren)

Halfway through the session, Leclerc gave 0s412 to Perez. Verstappen, Sainz, Pierre GaslyAnd the Lando NorrisRussell, Kevin MagnussenBottas and Hamilton completed the top ten.

Talking about mercedesAnd Russell warned over the radio that the ride in the silver car through the streets of Monaco “was bad”. Sainz was another one to escape in Saint-Dévote. By the way, information has emerged that the Commissioners will evaluate the siege claim between Sainz and Stroll that flow it did not appear. yesterday, Yuki Tsunoda He was fined for blocking Magnussen.

Leclerc warned Ferrari That “something strange” was going on at the first turn because the car was shaking. Meanwhile, Norris was sending a similar message to FP2 on Friday to McLaren: Ask them to assess the possible damage, because the wall is scratched.

As for the pulses, Daniel Ricciardo, who sealed the pool wall in FP2, recovered and ran well on the track, coming in 10th. The center jumper was Alexander Albon, who put Williams in ninth with 15 minutes left. Verstappen had to deal with Alfa Romeo in Guanyu Zhou Many complained of crowding.

With just about everyone on the track during the last quarter of practice, the traffic on the track became almost unbearable. In addition to those already reported, Sainz complained to Pérez and suffered from a Sebastian Vettel. The action was frenetic on and off the track, because Stroll escaped again, this time in the pool, climbing the sidewalk and across the wall.

There were only five minutes left when Perez went to 1 minute 12 seconds 777 ahead, but Charles was preparing for the last attempt: 1 minute 12 seconds 702. Leader, no way. or have? Perez came 15 seconds ago and beat Postman to the house driver: 1min12s476.

The result not only gives the first advantage to red bullbut it takes away the great moral of that Ferrari It will be uploaded for rating. Perez and Leclerc travel here for the weekend.

F1 2022Monaco GB, Monte CarloTL3:

1 S Perez red bull 1: 12476 26
two C Leclerc Ferrari 1: 12517 +0.041 28
3 Sea Signs Ferrari 1: 12846 +0.370 28
4 M Verstappen red bull 1: 12881 +0.405 28
5 P flirtatious AlphaTauri Honda 1: 13210 +0734 22
6 Norris McLaren Mercedes 1:13226 +0750 19
7 Hamilton mercedes 1:13375 +0899 26
8 K MAGNUSEN Haas Ferrari 1: 13436 +0960 24
9 J. Russell mercedes 1:13476 +1000 26
10 and Alonso Alps 1: 13585 +1109 23
11 Wai Tsunoda AlphaTauri Honda 1: 13645 +1169 25
12 Schumacher mother Haas Ferrari 1: 13827 +1351 26
13 S VETTEL Aston Martin Mercedes 1: 13838 +1,362 27
14 V . shoes Alfa Romeo Ferrari 1: 13849 +1,373 25
15th Albon Williams Mercedes 1: 13882 +1406 22
16 Drinkcard McLaren Mercedes 1:14104 +1,628 29
17 and Okon Alps 1:14260 +1,784 22
18 L STROL Aston Martin Mercedes 1: 14639 +2163 20
19 G ZHOU Alfa Romeo Ferrari 1: 14861 +2385 25
20 N Latify Williams Mercedes 1: 14910 +2,434 26
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