February 28, 2024

How much do you earn R$210 million in savings?

On Saturday (24), Quina de São João withdrew a prize of R$210 million. How much would this money make per month if invested in savings or fixed income securities?

As in other special competitions, Quina de São João does not stack. If there are no winners in the main category, the competition prize of 6172 is divided among the right players on the field, and so on.

Savings: Income of R$ 1.49 million

The amount of R$210 million will provide approximately R$1.49 million per month in savings. The income is exempt from paying income tax.

Selic Treasury revenues are 1.76 million Brazilian reals

The Treasury Department for 2026 is offering a Selic +0.0663% bonus and will make approximately R$1.765 million each month, net of income tax of 22.5%.

IR decreases with supplier application reaching 15% after 2 years.

CDB: Income of R$ 1.74 million

A CDB paying 100% of the CDI (Certificate of Deposit Between Banks) would generate R$1.744 million every 30 days, also deducting income tax.

IPCA + Treasury: income of R$1.27 million

IPCA + Treasury to be recovered in 2045 provides R$1.271 million every 30 days. The rate of return is inflation plus 5.63% per annum.

The report was consulted by Marcus Grebler, business advisor at Sicredi Iguaçu PR/SC/SP, who performed the calculations taking into account the Selic rate (13.75% annually) and the IPCA (3.94% annually) (National Price Index for the Broad Consumer).

The prize value revealed by Caixa already includes a 30% income tax deduction.

The treasury income calculation is theoretical, with an investment limit of R$1 million per month, per investor.