September 28, 2022
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How much does a waiter earn in London?

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London is undoubtedly one of the most sought after European destinations by Brazilian immigrants. For those who do not leave the country with a guaranteed job in the fields of higher education, the initial job search often focuses on civil construction and restaurants. If this is your case, now see how much a waiter earns in London.

Concerns about salary are contrasted with the fact that living in London is not cheap. The official currency of the UK is the pound and the average cost of living for one person living there is a minimum of £1,760. While this is relative and depends on the individual’s style, you can get an estimate of how much is necessary in terms of pay.

Another factor is knowing where the opportunities are most attractive, as well as the actual attributes and requirements of the role today. These are the points that affect how much a bartender earns in London and can make a difference.

What does the waiter do?

The job of a waiter or waitress varies depending on the type of establishment in which the person works. In any case, some tasks are common, such as receiving and delivering orders correctly, and ensuring that customers receive them correctly.

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It is also your job to accommodate customers as they enter the restaurant, then memorize their seating position and prepare to serve them during their visit. It is also important to have knowledge of the menu to guide the order. In short, your duties may include:

  • maintaining the appearance of the tables and the organization of the hall;
  • present the menu and advise on menu options;
  • Take orders and send them to the kitchen staff;
  • Bring the order to the table and serve it;
  • Remove the dishes when the customer is done;
  • Submit the invoice and receive the payment.

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How much does a waiter earn in London?

The average starting salary for a waiter or waitress in London is £7.84 including tips. However, as experience is gained, your salary also increases and can go up from £8.27 to £10. Remember that this is an hourly wage and does not differ from the average salary in the UK, according to official statistics.

In a year, they would average £18,897, although there are registered salaries on specialist websites of up to £100,000 a year.

For comparison purposes, the average salary in the country is estimated to be £611 per week and £9.50 per hour for people aged 25 and over. It is clearly an average value, which ignores a number of factors, such as region, workplace, among others.

It is important to note that in addition to knowing how much a waiter earns in London, there are good opportunities in other cities as well, such as Manchester. If you are thinking of living in another country, but have doubts about how much you will earn, find your profession over here.