July 13, 2024

How to Avoid Credit Card Near Payment Scam

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Dia das Mães: cartão de crédito deve ser o principal meio de pagamento para as compras
Dia das Mães: cartão de crédito deve ser o principal meio de pagamento para as compras

Pay roughly by credit card credit It is undoubtedly something that has made life so much easier for people. In fact, the commitment to this method is increasing every day. However, there are those who choose to keep things as they are, and use money or the function of inserting the thing into the machine.

This is due to the fear of being subjected to credit card fraud. In light of that, check out below, how to avoid credit card roundabout payment scam.

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How to Avoid Credit Card Near Payment Scam

In short, there are a lot of complaints about scams in this type of payment. Therefore, it is very important to know how to prevent yourself. Below, check out some tips to avoid credit card payment scam:

  1. The basic advice is to monitor your account;
  2. Also, always be wary of online card purchases. i.e. be wary of unbelievable promotions;
  3. Check if the purchase site is the site of the company you trust;
  4. Also, always use the virtual card to make purchases on the Internet;
  5. Be wary of sites where payment by Pix is ​​only available. Also, avoid paying for Pix if in any doubt;
  6. Also ignore promotions that you receive via SMS, social networks and WhatsApp;
  7. If any alleged bank employee contacts you, contact your branch manager;
  8. When making a payment via boleto, check the recipient’s data and see if it is compatible with the company;
  9. In addition, if you make a purchase from a physical store, swipe the card on the device. That is, never give your device in the hands of third parties to make payment;
  10. In addition, whenever you make an approximate payment with your credit card, make sure that the purchase amount is correct on the device screen;
  11. Do not reveal the security code of the card;
  12. Finally, check your statement often.

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