June 18, 2024

What are the next steps to withdraw funds?

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Valores a receber do BC: quais são as próximas etapas para você sacar a grana?

The receivable value system, which began operating on February 14 this year, allows individuals and companies to recover forgotten funds in financial institutions.

Through the Central Bank (BC) system, nearly R$8 billion will be returned to thousands of people. To organize the recovery process and facilitate access to forgotten funds, it was necessary to create steps.

The first phase was completed in April, with individuals and companies able to recover funds from four different sources. but after all, What are the next steps to withdraw funds? paying off!

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Next steps for the receivable system

The second phase of the program is scheduled to begin receivable system It had to be postponed due to the strike caused by the Central Bank (BC) servers. Until then, the new stage has not yet been launched.

However, BC has already confirmed that the next phase of SVR will include more than 7 types of forgotten funds. Check what they are:

  • Closed and prepaid postpaid accounts with available balance;
  • Recording accounts maintained by stock brokerage firms and stock distribution firms to record closed customer operations with available balance;
  • entities subject to extrajudicial liquidation;
  • Credit Guarantee Fund (FGC);
  • Guarantor Fund for Cooperatives attributed to him (FGCoop);
  • installments or obligations related to credit operations that are incorrectly collected, not provided for by the commitment terms signed by the bank with the Central Bank (BC);
  • Incorrectly collected fees, not stipulated in the commitment terms signed by the bank with BC.

Forgotten Money: See the Top 10 Receivable Refunds

Although many Brazilians report small refunds through the “received value” system, some lucky ones were pleasantly surprised at the consultations. Check out the 10 biggest refunds in Phase 1 of SVR!

  • 1625244.52 Brazilian Real
  • 1,155,143.12 Brazilian Real;
  • 837,972.75 BRL ;
  • R$609,910.75;
  • R$461,558.89;
  • R$454726.14;
  • 446987.01 Brazilian Real ;
  • 324,289.61 BRL;
  • 312,596.62 BRL;
  • 278,931.62 Brazilian Real.

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