March 4, 2024
How to Compete for the Millionaire Prize Offered by PicPay?

How to Compete for the Millionaire Prize Offered by PicPay?

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a Pickpaya Brazilian payment application, distributed Prizes worth 1 million Brazilian riyals For PicPay card users. According to the company, to participate only make purchases with your debit card or credit between days October 5 and December 26, 2022.

I have a PicPay card, I got a prize“It is a campaign that will draw 800 prizes of 500 R$, eight prizes of R$ 50,000 and the final prize of R$ 200,000. Every purchase of R$ 20 entitles you to a lucky number to compete.

How do you participate in the campaign?

To participate in the campaign it is necessary to register through from this link. Purchases can be made online or in physical stores. Anyone who pays bills and transfers via Pix with the card also competes for the prize.

People who already have a PicPay account can order the card through the app for free (credit function will be subject to analysis).

The promotion contains actions that will give more than ten additional lucky numbers. On purchases made with the card through the app itself, users will receive twice as many numbers in the raffle.

How to apply for a PicPay card?

PicPay Card application can be submitted through the application, with two options, check:

Through the Home tab

  1. Open the PicPay app;
  2. Tap the PicPay card;
  3. Select the option to order a card;
  4. Enter your details and proceed.

in settings

  1. Open the PicPay app;
  2. Click on your profile picture, located at the top of the platform;
  3. Go to the PicPay Card section;
  4. Click on the option to request a card;
  5. Enter your details and proceed.

The card is automatically approved for people who, when they open the app, can see the option to apply for the card right on the home screen. It takes 15-20 business days to receive the physical card.

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