March 4, 2024
Humanity will have only 15 minutes before it plunges into complete darkness.

Humanity will have only 15 minutes before it plunges into complete darkness.

The world may only have 15 minutes to prepare before a deadly solar storm hits our planet. But it is more likely that the only thing to do in the quarter is to have a cup of tea at last.

in days September 1 and 2, 1859the strongest geomagnetic storm ever recorded to hit Earth.

The storm was caused by a massive solar flare that had happened 17 hours earlier, he recalled Big thought🇧🇷

Although no organism was directly affected, the event triggered a chain of events Global problems and failures – At a time when the world was not as dependent on electronic systems as it is today.

What the world saw in those days, now known as Carrington eventit was huge Geomagnetic storm – A phenomenon that occurs when a large bubble of superheated gas – called plasma – emerges from the surface of the sun and strikes the Earth.

This bubble is known as a coronal mass ejection.

Such events, of greater or lesser intensity, occur with some frequency. But if an event of the size of Carrington occurred in our time, The consequences can be dire – Destroying the Internet and the electricity network around the world, and causing chaos in communications.

last week, The sun was particularly restless🇧🇷 A solar storm, caused by a collision between fast solar winds (which move at about 500 kilometers per second) and slower winds, hit Earth on the 7th, followed by aftershocks on the 8th and 9th.

A few days ago, the Science livesA solar storm caused by a hole in the sun the size of a canyon can spew material at speeds of up to 2.9 million km/h – and hit the Earth.

The event that hit Earth in the seventh, eighth and ninth was a Small solar storm which still cause some disturbances in electronic systems in some parts of the world.

But the potential direct impact of a powerful solar storm could Drowning our planet in mysterycutting off electricity supplies around the world.

And the best meteorologists can do at that point, warned In 2017 the British meteorologist Catherine Burnett🇧🇷 is the warning, a few minutes ago, Humanity is facing a complete break.

Coronal mass ejections (CMEs) from the Sun can travel in any direction and, if they take a path around Earth, can completely envelop our planet.

Coronal mass ejection takes large 19 hours to reach Earth”says the specialist. “As soon as we see a package leaving the star, we will know it. Only 15 minutes before arrival on our planet, as well as other data on magnetic direction or its influence.

In August of the same year, researchers at Harvard University calculated the time left to even A solar eruption could wipe out humanityhaving concluded that the same thing could happen In the next 750 years🇧🇷

Authors study explore tracesSuper flaress” in the evolutionary history of the Earth and other planets in the solar system, preserved by volume Economic and technological damage That such an eruption would provoke will be as they can It means the end of humanity🇧🇷

So let’s hope that in 750 years humanity will find a way to protect itself from such a “superflare” – or find shelter on a distant planet.

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