February 26, 2024
Hunting a 9m, 100kg snake near the rural community |  world news |  Online diary

Hunting a 9m, 100kg snake near the rural community | world news | Online diary

A reticulated snake, about 9 meters long and weighing about 100 kilograms, was captured by guards near a village in Kampar, Indonesia.

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Snake enters the toilet and stings a woman’s buttocks

The animal is 2 meters shorter than is usually seen in the largest adult individuals of this species. In the photographs, released from the moment of her arrest, it can be seen that seven men were needed to carry the crawler, already drugged.

The snake was caught and taken to a forest in Belalawan last Tuesday (21). Returned to nature, in an area far removed from human activity.

types reticulated python It is one that is found in Southeast Asia. It is the second largest snake in the world and is considered the longest from tip to tail. It is also considered one of the heaviest of the three.

Like others of the same family, reticulated snakes are constricting snakes, and are not poisonous, that is, they kill their prey by turning around in them, since they do not contain venom. It is not usually considered dangerous to humans, although there are documented cases of people killed in accidents.

The length usually ranges from five to seven meters, while the weight can reach 160 kilograms. It is considered the largest snake native to the Asian continent.

The snake found on Tuesday is larger than the one that swallowed a woman, also in Indonesia, in 2018. The specimen involved in the ring was seven meters long.

This species usually lives in rainforests and grasslands. It is also associated with rivers, areas with streams and lakes, where it is considered an excellent swimmer. It feeds mainly on mammals and occasionally on birds. Some individuals have already been found on the high seas, thus, colonizing small islands within their reach.

This species has few natural enemies (except for crocodiles and lions) because they are powerful enough to kill almost any animal that threatens them. These snakes even attack their predators, but the crossed snake usually cannot swallow an adult crocodile.