February 27, 2024
Status Gabe Pettito: Funeral YouTuber spoke with an empty ballot box An emotional farewell from the family, see the photos and understand why

Status Gabe Pettito: Funeral YouTuber spoke with an empty ballot box An emotional farewell from the family, see the photos and understand why

On Sunday (26th) family and friends gathered in Holbrook, Long Island, New York, to bid a final farewell to YouTubers. Gabi Pettito. The ceremony, which took place in the area where the girl grew up, was also open to the public, who closely followed the case and expressed their regrets. However, it was even more sad for the Pettito family, since the girl’s body was not there.

According to information from Fox News, the family members’ wish was to cremate the remains of the influencer, who had been found the previous Sunday, September 19, in Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming – a place Pettit visited during his trip with Brian. Laundry, a former fiancé who is still at large. Unfortunately for the family, the cremation was postponed due to his investigations FBI.

Even after Gabe’s death has been classified as a murder by investigators in Wyoming, the organization continues to search for answers about how she was killed. Because of this, the body was not released in time for the funeral, which took place with an empty urn.

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This solemn moment was marked by the uproar of all who attended and was broadcast, on air, by several American television channels – among them Fox News itself and CNN. Fire trucks were placed on either side of the funeral home, with each ladder extended – a tribute paid by the rescuers. On the other side of the street, a chain link fence is decorated with posters of Pettito and messages like “I touched the world.”

Inside the funeral home, floral arrangements and photos of Petitto’s childhood and adolescence were covered on the walls, and attendees were greeted with a poster with a poem entitled “So Be It,” which began with the words: “Don’t suffer for me, I’m free.” How sad this is…

During the party, friends and former co-workers recalled moments with YouTubers. Lexi Ruiz, who worked with Pettito in a coffee shop, detailed her daily life with the blonde. “She was always willing to help someone else. She was light… It was good to see so many people come together and support her family.” Lexi said. Desiree Cave, a friend of Pettito’s mother, noted that the girl was a “beautiful soul”. “She gave love. She was just a beautiful soul. She touched everyone like she did now,” is over. click here To see more photos.

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Gabe’s father, Joe Pettito, also gave a beautiful and emotional speech. “She’s always wanted to get out and do things, like snorkeling with my uncle, or me, or hiking in the Appalachian Trail, surfing in the Colorado sand dunes…she had some wild experiences that I just wanted to experience. Seeing that kind of joy that Bring her and the courage to do it at such a young age… I would like you to take a look at these videos and I want you to be inspired by her.” asked, before showing a set of Gabby’s adventures.

“When you leave here today, be inspired by what you brought to the world – because the whole planet knows this woman’s name now. I couldn’t be more proud as a parent.” Joe, who also remembered the way his daughter lived, declared himself to be always kind and loving to everyone. In conclusion, he warned of the need to get out of a relationship that is not going well – a clear reference to the fugitive Brian Laundry, considered by the FBI as the biggest suspect in Gabe’s death.

The young woman’s stepfather, Jim Schmidt, revealed that she taught him the importance of creating memories with family and loved ones and that this was “Better than making money”. Watch: