February 27, 2024

“I am really authentic…”


The singer opened up about the game in an interview with Narcisa Tamborindeguy

Images: Reproduction/GNT
Images: Reproduction/GNT

This past Thursday (16th), Simaria took advantage of a live interview to vent. During the live broadcast with Narcisa TamborindeguyWhat happened on social networking sites, the singer who was the partner of her sister, Simon Mendesdecided to respond to criticism after his controversial participation in Que História É Essa, Porchat?.

Recently, during her participation in the program, sertaneja was very blown up to simulate a fight with Fabio Borshat, even during the interview. On this occasion, the singer punched and shoved the comedian live. The situation caused an even bigger atmosphere in the studio. according to Simariaeverything is integrated.

Image: Reproduction/GNT

According to sertaneja, it is very original, which has thus caused many criticisms of its way of being. “I am really authentic, like you, Narcissa. I always speak the truth and what I think,” The singer started.

continued rant, Simaria She noted that because of her originality and even speaking her mind, many people end up criticizing what she does. “People look me in the eye and they really feel that truth and that’s why I get hit so hard. I get hit because I say everything I think,” Sister finished Simon.