May 31, 2023
"I couldn't believe this would happen."

“I couldn’t believe this would happen.”


The decision came from Wallace himself, while the couple were waiting for the end of the adoption process.

Carol breathed on Instagram.  Photo: Reproduction/official Instagram of Karol Nakamura
Carol breathed on Instagram. Photo: Reproduction/official Instagram of Karol Nakamura

This Tuesday morning (31) influential Guilherme Lionel and the presenter Carol Nakamura He revealed that their adopted son, Wallace, has returned to live with his biological family. Through Instagram, Kasla told the details and stated that the process is not easy. The decision came from the boy, who was living with Guy and Carol, while they waited for the adoption process to end.

In a long blast on Instagram, Guilherme showed his affection for Wallace and lamented the boy’s passing. “Things don’t always go the way we want them to, and we have no control over the wishes of others,” he wrote. “Unfortunately his will was to leave and go back to his biological mother’s home.” The former From Vacation with Ex noted it was a rough time:

“We pray and ask God with great faith, that he find himself, and be a good, devoted, diligent, hard-working boy? And carry with him the teachings that we have spent every day we have together. To all who constantly ask, this is the truth, the sad truth, which we are not happy to say, because it hurts us We didn’t expect it to be this way.”

Carol Nakamura also used her Instagram account to vent about the departure of her adopted son. She made it clear that she would never speak again and that this was a very sensitive moment. She began, “He’s always been very likable and is so knowledgeable. He has a biological mother. And a child growing up without rules is very difficult…”.

Carol continued to rant. He continued, “As much as it shows the benefits of education, literacy, having a family and a home, and opportunities he never had before, they are complex and disappointing. I couldn’t believe this would happen.” Carol and Gilherme Wallace met at Latin America’s largest landfill, Jardim Gramaccio, in Rio de Janeiro, in 2019. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the adoption process was temporarily halted.