February 25, 2024
“I want to fly the study,” a local said after seeing an ant under the microscope

“I want to fly the study,” a local said after seeing an ant under the microscope

The emotional reaction of student and housekeeper Sandra Lima, 48, when she first saw an ant under a microscope during a class at Senador Canedo (GO), sparked social media and was seen nearly 900,000 times in two days.

The images, which were recorded on Monday (29) by Sandra’s biology teacher, Rubía Pinheiro, were posted on Twitter by Professor Antonio Araujo.

“Let’s not forget that science is also a way to access the beauty of the world,” the professor said. The photo was also shared by the IFG (Federal Institute of Goias), an institution where Sandra takes a technical course in refrigeration and air conditioning associated with the EJA (Youth and Adult Education) method.

“Long live Sandra, EJA/EPT and the teachers and technicians from the IFG, who work tirelessly to deliver such relevant courses to young people and adults,” the foundation said.

Born in Maranhão, Sandra arrived in the state of Goiás in 1993, when she finished primary school and went to the Midwest in search of a better life.

Continuing her studies was in her life plan, but the need to fend for herself away from her original state made the path she took to be another.

“I was 1,800 km from my father and mother’s house. I had to do things I didn’t want to do, went for days without eating and ended up not going to school. Time passed, the kids came and I left for later,” he tells the woman UOL.

Sandra was recorded interacting with an ant on the first day of her lab class at the Instituto Federal de Goiás - Antônio Araújo / Twitter / Video playback - Antônio Araújo / Twitter / Video playback

Sandra’s reaction to an ant was recorded on the first day of lab lessons at the Instituto Federal de Goiás

Photo: Antônio Araújo / Twitter / Video Reproduction

The three kids who gave Sandra a break from rehab were also the driving force for her to go back to school. With her eldest married and her two youngest daughters studying and working, she knew it was time to get back to learning.

“I saw myself at home alone, with all the girls studying and said: Do you know? I go to school too. I always say to my daughters: ‘You can be whatever you want, but the only thing that no one will take away from you in life is study.’”

In 2019, 26 years after leaving the classroom for the last time, she returned to a municipal school in Senador Canedo. He took a placement test, entered the sixth grade, finished primary school in the distance education method due to the pandemic and joined EJA high school in the last fifth.

“I’ve already received a lot of ‘no’ in life and for me studying at IFG was impossible. Now that I’m there I see I just want to study. My daughter who submitted my application, I went for an interview there, like a meeting, they asked for some documents, And I went, and ran after I joined,” he says.


By the Monday that Sandra’s reaction to the ant was recorded under the microscope in her biology class, she had already completed two stages of her triplet journey.

I got up at 4:50 in the morning, traveled about 30 kilometers to the family home where he works, in Goiania, came home, made dinner for his daughters and went to the IFG.

Although it has touched many people, its reaction is considered normal for someone who is learning something new for the first time.

“I didn’t do anything. I was just amazed to find out. For me it was a normal reaction to what my eyes saw,” she says. Initially, Sandra wants to complete the HVAC cycle and then considers the next steps. However, she does not rule out working with activities that involve animals, because she is passionate about them.

“I only saw the microscope on TV, in the newspaper, because of the epidemic. I spent all the time and kept imagining what it would be like to look at something like that. In the first row in the lab, I was crazy when I saw it. I looked once, I looked again, the ant that big with eyes, With a small mouth, the most beautiful thing. It’s life. I never imagined it would be like this,” he recalls.

In addition to completing her studies, she wants to remain a role model for her three children and granddaughter.

“What I want is to travel with my studies, learn, and pass on good things to Vitoria, Sarah, Lucas, and my granddaughter Maria Clara. My thirst is to learn, I want to come and talk to you, nod, and speak beautiful words. They ask: “Sandra, do you want to study science Biology?” Right now I want to learn, that’s what we will study and see tomorrow,” he says.