July 22, 2024

‘I was humiliated,’ says Susie Sasaki when convicted of mistreatment of a Playboy manager in 2017.

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Crédito: Reprodução/Instagram
Crédito: Reprodução/Instagram

Suzy SasakiA model and actress, filed a complaint against a Playboy manager for sexual harassment while negotiating with the magazine in 2017.

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She, who worked for SBT, Band, and RedeTV, said in an interview with the “Fama Pop” podcast that André Sanseverino, Playboy’s publisher at the time, took advantage of professional contact with Suzi to request nudes, “He asked me for sensual pictures, and he asked me for a procedure. Video call, he molested me.The model said it wasn’t professional at all.

“I even sent him naked and later realized that he was sexually abusing and attacking me. I didn’t have that grudge, it was all new to me. He made several invitations to go out with me for a magazine cover. But nothing happened at all, we didn’t even meet,” Suzy continued. .

I was shocked by the event. “I even declined an invitation [revista] Exciting because I felt bad about all the Playboy annoyances. I wanted to get away from it all, I was really terrified. I felt exploited and humiliated. I ended up going to the US to try new projects. Andrei denied the accusations, but was removed from Playboy Brazil in 2017 after 9 models brought him to court for sexual harassment.

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