July 22, 2024

Gogo’s daughters talk about controversy after a video about buying a car: “It’s more dangerous” | pop art

Gogo's daughters talk about controversy after a video about buying a car: "It's more dangerous" |  pop art
Gogo's daughters talk about controversy after a video about buying a car: "It's more dangerous" |  pop art

Sophia and Marina Liberato, daughters of the presenter Jojo LiberatoThey used social media to express themselves about the controversy that arose after appearing in a video testifying in the father’s inventory process.

In the photos, which the sisters claim were incorrectly leaked, Sofia and Marina accuse their aunt, Aparecida de Fátima Liberato Caetano, of lying about matters relating to the inheritance left by her father.

Lieutenant Colonel Augusto Liberato He passed away in November 2019 after being in a home accident At his home in Orlando, USA. He was 60 years old and the father of three children – Sophia, Marina and Joao – and had them with Dr. Rose Miriam de Matteo.

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They also defend their mother, who is fighting for a stable, recognizable relationship as a precursor, and say that their aunt won’t let them buy the car they want, a Porsche.

“To all the people who criticize and judge me, since the video was leaked, I suggest you watch the entire video, so you understand the context of the video. You’ll see that it’s not actually buying a car, it’s a much more serious and important issue,” Sophia says in a video posted on Instagram after the controversy.

“I would also like to clarify that my sister and I have not given and will not interview anyone, to the point that our case is under judicial secrecy. I would also like to say one more thing, which is that this video was leaked without our consent, which was only supposed to be seen by justice. Our lawyers are taking all possible steps to resolve this matter.”

Marina made a similar video for her sister and said, “We made a video and this video was already a leak, we have no idea who leaked this video, but it was a leak and I wanted to suggest you watch the whole video, because this video is not really about buying a car.” Sophia commented on her.

“It has a much more purpose. It’s about a much more serious and much bigger problem, so I also wanted to make it clear that we haven’t done that and we won’t be doing any interviews, because this is a really very sensitive topic and it’s the secret of justice.”

In addition to the video of sisters Marina and Sophia, attorney Nelson Willians reported in a note sent to st 1 which has already petitioned that “the court should take measures to prevent the recurrence of such cases and that an appropriate investigation be carried out to find out who is responsible for the leak”.

The statement also stated that “the lawyer and the two sisters, Marina and Sophia, express their complete condemnation and disapproval of the disrespectful leakage of the video clip that they recorded, as it is facts and information related only and exclusively to issues related to the ongoing probate procedures. In confidentiality to justice.”

Gogo Liberato and his daughters Sofia and Marina – Photo: clone / Instagram / sofi_liberato

What do they say in the video

In the nearly 18-minute video, the sisters say their aunt Aparecida de Fátima Liberato Caetano is lying about documents involving the inheritance process. They also claim that their brother, Joao, is being manipulated by his aunt and they accuse their former lawyer of lying.

In addition, Sofia and Marina defended their mother and said that she had a stable relationship with her father, which Aparecida and the family’s lawyers oppose.

wanted by st 1The press office said it does not comment on matters confidential to justice.

The twins also complain about the amounts being transferred monthly by the aunt. They say that brother and grandmother receive more.

“I asked her for a raise of two thousand dollars [dólares]And she was already saying that it was absurd to earn two thousand, because it is not close to what we have. It doesn’t even come close to what it takes a month to pay our bills,” Sophia says.

“We were able to increase it at least to a thousand (dollars) per month,” Marina continues.

Sophia complains that her aunt did not allow her to buy the car she wanted.

“I asked my aunt about the Porsche she had always dreamed of. She said she had spoken to the prosecutor and she said I couldn’t have this car because it was too luxury for a 17-year-old. Also because it was too expensive. I found it very strange and looked for a car Cheaper. In the end, I ended up buying a car for half the price of the one I wanted.”

They also ask for an audit to understand how the process went and what values ​​were conveyed from the start.

a The millionaire’s legacy left by Gogo is the target of family feuds Since the death of the announcer. In his will, Gogo swore the allocation of his fortune:

  • 75% for the three children
  • 25% left for the five nephews

Without mentioning it in the document, Rose Merriam fights in court to prove that her relationship with the presenter is stable, and she is owed, in addition to the pension, half of the assets he built during the time they were together.

Rose and Gogo have taken a lot of photos together over the years. There are pictures of travels and public appearances on social media and in the press.

In the video, the girls confirm that the mother does not care about heritage, but wants to recognize the relationship and give it value for living. In an interview with Fantástico at the end of last year, Rose Miriam said that she did not want to take anything that belonged to her children. Watch the video below:

Gogo's widow: I don't want to take anything that belongs to my children.  I want to confess

Gogo’s widow: I don’t want to take anything that belongs to my children. I want to confess

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