February 28, 2024

Natoza Neri’s speech was interrupted and caused a direct reprimand on GloboNews; research!

Natoza Neri
Natoza Neri was diagnosed with a speech impairment by a virtual assistant (Image: Reproduction/GloboNews)

Natoza Neri She had a very unusual situation in journalism Globo News. The journalist interrupted her speech with this Friday (27), No studio one. The person responsible for the outage is Alexa, the virtual assistant.

The voice-activated device canceled the speech of the closed channel commentator, who in turn said, “Alexa has stopped” and apologized.

In the studio, the colleagues of Studio I on the bench burst out laughing, and Natoza Neri exclaimed: “Now that she was talking? I’m red!”

Maria Beltrau admitted going through the same thing, but ended up mistaking the Amazon Assistant name: “Alexia keeps talking to me here, and she answers me, I don’t know if it’s her need…”.

Attraction members also commented on the enthusiasm with which Natoza Neri ordered the robot to stop talking, and Flavia Oliveira added: “Power, she has!”

On Twitter, several viewers commented on the scene. Natosa’s elegance asks Alexa to stop‘,” one netizen caught a laugh. “My goal in life is to be a stylish journalist like Natosa Neri, and I tell Alexa to stop and get back on the agenda”Another commented.

Natuza fighting with Alexa in the middle of caption: “ALEXA PARA! Huge my mother’s voice., noted a third user of the social network.

Luis Fabio Almeida

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