July 14, 2024

IML report says SBT actor’s death was due to accidental suffocation

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IML report says SBT actor's death was due to accidental suffocation
IML report says SBT actor's death was due to accidental suffocation

Actor’s death Luis Carlos AraujoThe 42-year-old, best known for his work on the TV series “Carinha de Anjo” by SBT, was due to accidental choking. The information was confirmed to UOL by the team of delegate Roberto Montero, in charge of the investigation, after analyzing the report of the IML (Institute of Legal Medicine).

According to the expert, it was found that drugs were present in the actor’s body when he died. “The association of antidepressants, cocaine, and alcohol, and the consequent decrease in the level of consciousness, associated with confinement, were the (accidental) causes of death,” the report says.

“It appears from the fall of the victim finding a black bag on his head, a practice known in the medical literature as rebreathing, frequently used to relieve rapid and uncontrolled breathing in cases of anxiety and in many practices of suffocation. / paraphilias, in order to increase the carbon dioxide content and reduced oxygen content, differences that cause vasodilation or vasoconstriction of the extra and intracranial blood vessels. Such a complication can have asphyxiation of confinement (exchange of breathing air for unbreathable air)”, concludes the IML analysis.

According to the delegate in charge of the case, Araujo’s friend, who was identified as a frequent visitor by witnesses, gave clarifications on Wednesday after being called by the civilian police.

The actor was found dead on the eleventh, after a friend called him and he didn’t answer. I asked other friends to go to his apartment to check what happened.

Luis Carlos Araujo was buried on the 13th with a sealed coffin. The party was restricted due to the pandemic and only friends and family attended.

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