February 27, 2024
Preventing the cancellation of the contract with Claudia Raya after the actress published the video "He Now" against Bolsonaro (video)

Preventing the cancellation of the contract with Claudia Raya after the actress published the video “He Now” against Bolsonaro (video)

The contract was canceled less than 24 hours after Claudia Raya was posted on the networks. Watch the video that catalyzed the breakup

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247 – Today, in the face of complaints of wrongdoing in the midst of the Covid CPI, Prevent Senior has already shown consistent alignment with Bolsonaro and decided to fire actress Claudia Raya in 2018, after the global company recorded a video defending the “He Não” campaign against the former’s nomination. Team captain.

At the time, the network sponsored “_Teatral”, a concert hall in the Aché Cultural Complex, in Pinheiros, on the western side of São Paulo.

according to Report From Folha de S.Paulo, at the August 2018 event announcing _Teatral, Raia was right to boast about how he was able to bring together and lead a team made up of important names from the cultural milieu of the project he heads. Among those summoned were Adriana Calcanhuto, Rubens Ewald Filho, Ana Botafogo, Jose Bossi Neto, Ingrid Guimarães, Rogério Flausino, Thalita Rebocas, Fernanda Gentile and Felipe Andreoli said “yes” to the actress.

The following month, before the first round of elections that elevated Bolsonaro to Alvorada, Claudia Raya posted a five-second video in which she waved her index finger from side to side and said “It’s not.”

“What happened is that after a personal and non-partisan post on my social networks about the 2018 elections, contracts were cancelled, and I had to cancel presentations and coordinated work that had already been closed. All of this had an impact not only for me as well as for many professionals. Who participated. And there was no explanation as to why, nothing was mentioned,” says Raya.

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