February 26, 2024

In a conversation with Celso Amorim, the US National Security Adviser expressed concern about Lula’s remarks world

The US security advisor expressed concern about Lula’s remarks

The National Security Adviser of the United States, Jake Sullivan, complained and expressed concern about Lula’s remarks regarding the Ukraine war during a phone call with Celso Amorim, on Tuesday (18).

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A source familiar with the call stated that Sullivan “spent the first five minutes of the call, politely, but very directly, not only complaining about Lula’s remarks, he even used inaccurate information to suggest that the United States is somehow responsible for the war and does not want peace.” .

The sources said the tone of the conversation was calm. Sullivan was polite and did not raise his tone, but he was quite frank in saying that the United States did not agree with Lula’s statements.

According to sources who were aware of the content of the conversation, Amorim did his best to assure Sullivan that Lula’s intention was not to offend the United States or to suggest that the American government did not want peace.

When asked if the phone call eased the situation, the sources confirmed that the United States is confident in the relationship with Brazil and that Biden is confident and wants an ambitious relationship with Brazil.

“However, that doesn’t mean we won’t be vocal about concerns and when we disagree on something,” said a source.

US Government National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan in a file photo – Photograph: Leah Melis/Reuters

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The call came after the United States criticized President Lula’s speeches on the war. During a visit to China and the UAE, the Labor Party accused the United States and European countries of prolonging the conflict by providing Ukraine with arms to defend itself.

This Tuesday, he doubted it Globo TVWhite House press secretary Karen Jean-Pierre said that Brazil “has not used a tone of neutrality,” and that it is “clearly wrong” to say that the United States encourages war and that the White House “will continue to speak out against it.”

to Anna Flor’s blogCelso Amorim said that Lula seeks the path of peace in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and that he “doesn’t point fingers at anyone”.

“Lula did not wish to offend anyone,” said Amorim.

Also on Tuesday, during a lunch at the Itamaraty Palace with the President of Romania, Lula softened his tone and condemned the “violation of Ukraine’s territorial integrity.”

“We urgently need to form a group of countries that will try to sit down at a table with both Ukraine and Russia to find peace,” he declared.

But the prevailing perception in Washington is that Lula has lost credibility for brokering peace. One of the sources said that the Brazilian president “is not seen as an objective player and this limits his ability to negotiate.”

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