June 24, 2024

“In my 39 years of Globo, I’ve never seen such demands as Camila Queiroz,” says the director.

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After leaving 'Secret Truths 2' columnist Camila Queiroz rejected: 'I didn't get a degree'

In an interview with columnist Tony Joyce, Folha’s F5, Globo Entertainment Director, Ricardo Waddington, He says Camila Queiroz She wanted to change the outcome of the character Angel, who played her, in the TV series “Secret Truths 2” and made demands that even the leading artists of the network did not make.

To extend her contract for just another seven days, Camila Queiroz made a set of requirements that don’t exist in the world of audiovisual production. She wanted to change the outcome of Angel (“Secret Truths 2” character). Tony Ramos Can’t do that, the Fernanda Montenegro Waddington says.

The director, who now runs Estúdios Globo (formerly Projac) and is responsible for overseeing the recruitment of all artistic talent, said the actress also asked for approval to launch the “Secret Truths 3” campaign.

“The advertising campaign is not the responsibility of Estúdios Globo. And I can’t guarantee anything for it. The campaign follows a marketing logic and we have specialists establishing that logic. I have 39 years with Globo, I’ve worked with actors for 39 years, and I’ve never seen anything like it from,” said the director. before”.

Camila recently made a series of videos to her Instagram Stories, commenting on the confusion surrounding her name and her exit from “Secret Truths 2,” and He denied that he tried to change the ending of the novel.

“I wanted to say that I don’t feel ready today to talk about everything that happened and how it happened, everything was so painful, in the last few weeks, yesterday, everything was so difficult. I just wanted to ask you not to believe these stories that are going around and saying that I I tried to change the ending of the series, it does not exist, ”said the actress, moving.

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