February 27, 2024
O que tem dentro desse penteado?

In the midst of Ukraine’s war, the Web remembers the strange poetry of a Russian senator

While The war in Ukraine shows no signs In the end, the Internet remembered an important political figure in Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin? number! We are talking about Valentina Petrenko, who was the senator for the country from 2001 to 2018, but became famous even for her A little weird hair It defies gravity.

Pictures of the senator’s bouncy hair were already familiar, but they resurfaced on Twitter recently, after an account called @jimmypop paid homage and reminded us of them.

“I’m enjoying the poetry of this Russian politician this afternoon,” Jimmy wrote on the 12th, and the photos were an instant sensation, with over 135,000 likes on the tweet and over 15,000 retweets.

In the answers, about a lot of hairstyle in memeexplaining that she may have had a “dead animal on her head”, as you can see below.

This isn’t the first time that Valentina’s curls have been a sensation in the vast internet world. Even in Russia itself, TV presenters were already shocked by the ridiculous size above her head.

In 2015, star Tatyana Tolstaya admitted that she only invited Valentina to her show, school scandalfor being obsessed with the senator’s hair.

The topic is so frequent that the senator has already indicated that she’s tired of talking about it. But we are not tired yet!

In 2018, HORA 7 already showed us what Valentina’s hairstyle was an internet sensation. Remember below!