February 27, 2024
iOS 16: 5 Functions Coming to Your iPhone in 2022 |  Operating systems

iOS 16: 5 Functions Coming to Your iPhone in 2022 | Operating systems

a iOS 16 Released in September of this yearand bring a series of novelties to Iphone, including greater possibility to customize the cell phone. Since the official announcement, the new version of the operating system already exists Some errors confirmed Now it should release minor updates to fix bugs and add additional features. a iOS 16.1 It follows this line and offers interesting news, such as the Live Activities function, which adds an interactive notification to the lock screen, with information about the apps being updated in real time.

In addition, the update will also provide a new clean charging function that reduces carbon emissions to the environment, and should bring other changes to the lock screen, such as widget Reports the device’s charge level when the device is connected. In the list below, the take you It brought together five new iPhone (iOS) functions that will be released later in 2022.

iOS 16: Discover five new functions that will be available in the operating system in 2022 – Photo: LetĂ­cia Rosa / TechTudo

The iOS 16.1 update should introduce some new features to the iPhone (iOS) lock screen, including the Live Activities functionality. With it, it will be possible to monitor in real time some information about the applications running in the background on the cell phone.

If you order a car on a transportation app like Uber or 99For example, it will be possible to follow the status of the race without having to unlock the device and open the application. All information, including the driver’s estimated time of arrival, license plate, car model, driver photo and name, can be referenced in a notification that will occupy the bottom of the lock screen.

The novelty will also be useful for following games and live events, including the already updated score on the home screen.

Live Activities is a new feature that displays app information in real time directly on the iPhone (iOS) lock screen – Image: Playback / MacRumors

2. Battery percentage for more iPhones

Function to display the battery percentage in the iPhone status bar It was put down with the launch of the iPhone X due to space reasonsbut An apple The feature resumed with the iOS 16 update. In iOS 16.1, the tool should be further improved and, in addition to receiving a new design, will also be available for more devices, including iPhone 12 mini it’s the iPhone 13 mini.

The new design of the battery should solve an aesthetic problem with the gadget, which displays the full charge icon even if the battery is not full. In iOS 16.1, the graphic should show a more realistic mark as well as the current battery percentage number.

The battery percentage icon will be redesigned and will be available for iPhone 12 and 13 mini models – Photo: Playback/MacRumors

3. Charging with clean energy

The new Clean Energy charging functionality that will be available with iOS 16.1 aims to reduce the carbon footprint in the environment, and provides a more environmentally friendly alternative to charging iPhone. Initially, the option should only be available in the US, and it will be possible to activate it by going to the device settings. No release date for other regions.

The iOS 16.1 update will allow the user to choose a new “Clean Upload” option – Image: Reproduction / XDA Developers

4. What’s new on the lock screen

In addition to the new Live Activities feature, other news should come to the iPhone lock screen with iOS 16.1. One of them is the visual data about the percentage of the battery, which will appear again on the lock screen when the device is connected – the information should be available in a timer widget located just above the clock.

Additionally, the update will also allow users to customize the device’s home screen more easily, without having to make changes to the lock screen first. In this way, all changes will be made more independently.

New iOS 16.1 functionality resumes battery icon on lock screen when device is charging – Photo: Playback/XDA Developers

5. Fitness + running without Apple Watch

In iOS 16.1, it will be possible to create an account on the company’s exercise app, Fitness +, without the need for an Apple Watch. Prior to the update, users were only allowed to register on the platform if they had the brand’s smartwatch so that training information and metrics could be displayed on the screen.

Apple Fitness + app on iPhone (iOS) can be downloaded without requiring the user to own an Apple Watch – Image: Apple / Disclosure

with information from XDA Developers And the Mac rumors

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