March 3, 2024
TikTok users will be able to purchase movie tickets

TikTok users will be able to purchase movie tickets

Social networks are constantly changing and one of the prime examples is TikTok. The platform is always innovating and brings some very exciting news to its users. One of them is the ability to sell tickets once the user has finished watching the trailer.

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Check out how TikTok showtime widget works

The new feature has names and it’s called Showtimes. The channel must be a great partnership between TikTok and famous movie studios from all over the world. In addition, subscribers who like movies will be able to get another useful channel within the network.

In a practical way, whenever a user watches a full trailer, TikTok will show the times of each session in which the movie is shown. Through it, it will be possible to add a link to sell tickets to partner sites.

52% of TikTok users are interested in TV and movies

It is worth noting that according to tik tok, more than half of the people are interested in the topic. The platform revealed that 52% of users are interested in topics related to TV shows and movies. Actors and actresses also stand out within the social platform.

More than that, nearly 25% of all people who watch trailers online end up buying a ticket after checking out the work.

Because of this, the Showtimes feature is one of the measures tik tok To provide new ways for brands to participate in in-app advertising. It is one of the programs specialized in displaying short videos, i.e. trailers are ideal for capturing the attention of users.

Even more, a new mod or trailer format for the social network can be created if the novelty really works. After all, movie studios want more people to be able to return to theaters to fill up box office bills.