June 14, 2024

Will WhatsApp allow you to edit already sent messages? Understood!

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WhatsApp vai permitir editar mensagens JÁ enviadas? Entenda!

Technology has allowed people to access many different platforms. Therefore, nowadays it is possible to study, work and have fun, all through applications. Hence, WhatsApp instant messaging app is one of the most popular. It allows people to make voice calls, text messages, send photos, videos, and more.

WhatsApp brings news to its audience from time to time. Being one of the most used messaging apps today, the platform strives to adapt the tool to the demand of the population. thusMost people have already gone through the situation of sending a wrongly typed message or even incorrectly correcting it by autocorrect. Therefore, many users began to request the ability to modify sent messages.

Will WhatsApp allow you to edit already sent messages?  Understood!
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WhatsApp allows editing

Last Friday, October 14, news came out on WABetaInfo. This portal is famous for bringing news about the Messenger directly. In addition to specifying which changes will always be made.

According to the website, the company is creating a new feature that will allow you to edit messages even after they have been sent. With this tool, users will have the opportunity to correct potential typos in balloons within 15 minutes of sending to the recipient.

However, the novelty is not yet available to the public from the application. Only some beta users of the app can test the new version. It should be noted that this option is a test application type. All news passes through beta users before reaching the general public.

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How will it work?

According to the Meta website, the beta version of the Android app provides an example of what functionality it will have. It is expected to arrive in the near future. With the novelty, users can monitor the version details.

It was possible to notice how messages would be marked after going through this edition. As the new tool shows, the text balloon will take the word “editor” at the end of the message and before the time it is sent. This point is intended to show recipients that the sender has modified the original message.

Apparently, the user will have up to 15 minutes if they want to edit their messages after sending them. However, it is not yet known whether a person will be able to edit the option more than once during that time.

However, an important point to note is that the company does not guarantee the arrival of the edited letter. As with deleted messages, it cannot be proven that a person cannot access the original content if the recipient’s phone is switched off and remains that way for a day, for example, after sending.

When does the news come?

It is worth noting that since the functionality is in the development stage, there may still be changes until the release occurs. It is also necessary to clarify that the company has not yet commented on the prediction of when the feature will be officially launched. Additionally, it is not yet known about the availability of the feature for iPhone and WhatsApp Web devices.

According to Meta, the company behind the app, the goal is to make WhatsApp one of the most complete networks in the group. Thus, it will be possible to make payments, create large groups, hold meetings and various options to facilitate the daily life of users.

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