April 13, 2024
“Ingratitude and mismanagement.”  Glenda Kozlowski loses streak, uses strong words and “shoots dogs” after a Flamingo maid.

“Ingratitude and mismanagement.” Glenda Kozlowski loses streak, uses strong words and “shoots dogs” after a Flamingo maid.


The band’s presenter, who is a Flamengo fan, didn’t fail to speak up after Recoba

Photo: Playback / Band - Glenda "Wood lodge" After defeating Flamengo on penalties.
Photo: Reproduction/The Squad – Glenda ‘went into the woods’ after Flamengo’s penalty shootout defeat.

a Flamingo He finished the 2022 season on a high, winning two of the major titles contested by Brazilian teams: Libertadores and Copa do Brasil. The team that was captained by Dorival Jr. stayed on the field and made happiness felt with Jorge Jesus being celebrated again by the fans in the stands.

However, for 2023, the board has taken a controversial position: it has appointed Vitor Pereira, a former Corinthians player, as the new coach. However, this Portuguese arrival left a lot to be desired, so much so that in the three title disputes he has fought so far, he has ended up losing in all of them. In analyzing this terrible moment, Glenda Kozlowski, the Band’s frontman and supposed Flamengo supporter, spares no criticism:

“The ball is punished! The famous phrase of my friend Maurice Ramalho!” Flamengo have proven their ingratitude and mismanagement. In any serious company, management will be separated. It saddens me very much to see how they managed to devalue their team.”He began to wonder if the board had a plan for 2023:

Photo: Jorge Rodriguez/AGIF – Vitor Pereira is not the main culprit in Glinda’s view.

“Three possible titles. No achievement. It is useless to punish players! In recent months, Flamengo has learned a lesson in mismanagement. How do you devalue the team? They must have an exceptional plan for 2023 and 2024. Let’s wait until the end of the year, to try to understand the thinking and planning of the Flamengo management.”noted the caller, who also revealed she’s rooting for VP’s success:

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“They must have a very important plan for 2023. I hope that coach Vitor Pereira’s work will be done well and that he will work with the players who give themselves up and prevent this irresponsibility from the management.. ball players forwardGlenda completed, which led to a lot of repercussions on the web.