February 28, 2024
Ingrid apologizes for thirst and quarrels with a pawn

Ingrid apologizes for thirst and quarrels with a pawn

Before Vinnie Battle delegates chores for the week, Since winning the farmer’s trial Held Wednesday evening (29), Ingrid O’Hara decided to apologize to her colleagues.

Pune threw horse feces on Viennese’s belongings, It ended up hitting objects from other pedestrians and heating up the room.

“I wanted to apologize to everyone, really, sorry…,” she began to say, “On Vacation with Ex,” when Vini interrupted her.

“You forgot to take off your clothes and came in your underwear,” said the farmer.

Then Ingrid continued, “I’m not going to respond to him. I’m sorry everyone. I’m sorry Iran, Pele, Andre, Lucas, all the other people I somehow ended up hurting. I was explosive, I didn’t think about what I was doing. I wasn’t explosive, I was impulsive.” Sorry, that’s it.”

“Why didn’t I do something to you before? I’ve never spoken to you. You won’t apologize to me? Are you sure? Did I see your makeup? If you don’t apologize, I’ll never see it,” commented the pawn. Vinnie hid Ingrid’s makeup in the kitchen trash.

Peon replied, “Oh, are you going to take my makeup off? Who is it now, Sephora (Makeup Shop)?”

“I’m a scrotum,” Finny finished.

Then the pawn delegated tasks to the animals. See what each one will do:

  • Iran will keep the llamas.
  • Andrei will stay with the pigs.
  • Ingrid will take care of the trash;
  • Barbara and Pele will take care of the cow and the bull;
  • Alex will keep the birds.
  • Little Red from Mars will take care of the vegetable garden;
  • Kerlin will graze the sheep.
  • Tate will take the horse.

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