July 25, 2024

Inzuka on CS2: “Very ###” | draft 5

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Inzuka on CS2: “Very ###” |  draft 5
Inzuka on CS2: “Very ###” |  draft 5

now “InzucaFerreira, one of the great names of gaming in twitch that it YoutubeI got into a mood counter strike 2. Watch the creator videos of the new update that is coming CS:GO. The influencer liked the details that were put in.

Alanzoka even joked that after CS2, there wouldn’t be another game or stylized update, because all Valve games “die at title two,” just as they did with left 4 dead 2 that it Half life 2. The streaming device also liked the idea of ​​it being a free update.

The influencer said he was watching the stream and they started bombarding him with Valve videos. He added that he needed to witness it first to believe it, as many were taking advantage of the hype to mislead others.

“Smoky quality, huh im, are you going to leave your footprints in the sand of Dust2?”. The bar questioned the smoke “growing” to fill the seats, as it did not know how the smoke worked.

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“Look at the bullets passing by (the smoke), very ###. I think it’s great that you smoke ####### these smokes, brother,” Inzuka got stuck when giving up with the new update.

Alanzoka also saw other details that the others had not noticed. The influencer paused the video and showed the customers interacting with the smoke. When the bullets “pierce” the smoke, when the character crosses it, it will drag the smoke along its body, leaving a trail across the map.

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