February 27, 2024

Google suggests that the days of “Grasshopper” may be numbered

Launched in 2017, Grasshopper is a platform from Google that aims to teach coding. The success of the application has been proven by the number of users who have already used its services, which has exceeded one million users. So it came as a surprise to many when Google sent an email announcing that the feature might end.

Are the grasshopper’s days numbered?

Although the tool is used by many people who want to learn the programming language, a notification was recently made by Google. The news couldn’t be sadder: On June 15, 2023, the platform will end. Wassup did you feel the effect? Calm down, because it might not be.

Apparently, the notification was sent in error. Unfortunately, no one now knows for sure if the app will in fact stop working on June 15, 2023, or if the message is just a bug.

Grasshopper is a project by an exclusive team at Google that develops creations parallel to the work carried out by the tech giant. With it, users can use game technology and software engineering to learn programming language and other elementary concepts on the subject.

The app was initially only available in English, and it got an adapted version for Brazilian Portuguese in June 2021, allowing people who don’t understand English to also access the knowledge provided by the app.

The message may have been sent in error

The announcement of the alleged closure of the platform, which is sent to users, may seem bewildering.

After being notified that it will be discontinued on June 15, the “Read More” option takes the reader to a post on Grasshopper titled “Quick Quiz. Ignore Please.” To make the user even more confused, the text goes on to say: “This post is a test and should be deleted soon”.

Today, anyone who wants to learn the programming language with Grasshopper can download the app from the Google Play Store. For iOS devices, it remains unavailable, but only because it has been removed from the Apple Store in 2022.