June 5, 2023

The app makes it possible to track your “copy” around the world

Have you ever heard people say you look like someone else? Well, there is a lookalike app that can help you find people with similar characteristics to yours. For those on Android, it is possible to download Twins Finder and enjoy searching for your look alike. Below are more details about this application.

Now it is easy to find your twin online

For people who want to know if there are other people in the world with characteristics very similar to their own, it is now possible to fulfill this wish. Twins Finder app is available for Android.

Through it, users can find their “husbands” around the world with a quick search. For this search to be possible, it is necessary to provide a photo of your face and thus find people with similar physical characteristics to yours.

Although the app contains ads while in use, there is a premium version in which the user pays only R$7.99 per month and will not experience any more interruptions.

How to use the Twins Friend app?

See step-by-step instructions for use below:

The first step

After downloading the app, tap Continue and then tap Start to begin the search process. You need to allow the app to access your photos.

The second step

Tap Find Your Twins and then tap Camera to take a snapshot or go to Gallery and select one that’s already saved to your device’s camera roll.

Third step

In the application it is possible to edit photos with several options for framing, cropping and repositioning. When done, tap the confirmation icon and wait for the search to perform, then hit Find Twins.

The fourth step

Finally, hit OK. Soon, the user will be directed to the search for similar photos field within the Google app, and finally, they will have the ability to find people who look like them.