February 27, 2024

iPhone 13 pre-sale begins in Brazil on Friday. With prices up to R$15,499, installment payments are up to 30 times

RIO – Presale of iPhone 13 in Brazil. The new line of smartphones from the American company Apple has sparked a real business dispute between phone companies, banks and retail networks.

From Friday, it is possible to book the purchase of new cell phones with up to thirty installments, discounts of at least 2,400 Brazilian riyals, and even earn points in loyalty programs and gift cards in the Apple App Store, the App Store.

In September this year, Apple launched the new iPhone 13 family, which already comes with the operating system. iOS 15.

There are four different models (Mini, 13, Pro and Pro Max). The sale has already started in several places such as the USA and European countries.

In Brazil, sales are actually expected to be open to the public on the 22nd of next month, but the date has yet to be officially confirmed.

Payment in installments is the main strategy for sellers

Among the retail chains, Magazine Luiza will split the new iPhone 13 devices into up to 30 installments. In addition, the company will create shares in Cashback to your customers.

In other words, when buying smartphones, it is possible to redeem a portion of the value through credits on the retailer’s website.

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On Apple’s website, the iPhone 13 has 14 variants, ranging in price from R$6,599 (in the basic version, the mini with 128GB of internal memory) to R$15,499 (Pro Max with 1TB of internal memory).

They are all enabled for 5G, which is supposed to take place in a frequency auction in November in Brazil.

Operators seize the opportunity to attract customers to plans

Among the operators, TIM intends, for example, to attract new customers with offers during the pre-sale period in its virtual store.

When booking 128GB iPhone 13 mini in TIM Black Family 100GB plan, the price of the cell phone is R$199 in 21 installments. In other words, it will cost R$4179, a “discount” of R$2,420 compared to the price sold on Apple’s website, which is R$6,599.

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The Italian operator will also offer 128GB iPhone 13 in a 100GB family plan for R$5,299. On the Apple website, the device costs R$7,599.

At Claro, the customer will be able to purchase iPhone 13 128GB in pre-sale in 60GB postpaid plan for R$5499 in cash or in installments of up to 21 installments of R$261.99.

A preview of Apple's new iPhone 13 lineup begins Friday the 15th in Brazil Photo: Chris Ratcliffe / Bloomberg
A preview of Apple’s new iPhone 13 lineup begins Friday the 15th in Brazil Photo: Chris Ratcliffe / Bloomberg

Another option is the device in Combo Multi 120 Gb + 60 Gb for R$5399 or up to 21 times from R$257.99. In this case, the discounts related to the price sold on the Apple website are between R$2,100 and R$2,200.

The bank will finance the iPhone of 3 thousand customers

Bank Itaú will give the first 3,000 customers who book iPhone 13 in pre-sale Apple Gift Cards R$20, a sum that can be used to purchase apps and games in the App Store, subscribe to Apple Music and Apple TV or buy iCloud storage.

In addition, it will be possible to accumulate 1,000 points accumulated in iUPP, the bank’s loyalty program.

Privacy:Apple will tell you when your data is being accessed by apps

Itaú, in partnership with Apple, has created the “iPhone forever” program that allows the brand’s mobile phones to be paid in installments for 21 months and the device to be replaced after that period for one year.

Since its launch, the initiative has had 100,000 users. For the iPhone 13, the 128GB mini version will have 21 installments worth R$219.97. According to Itaú, each CPF can purchase up to five models.

iPhone 12 is up to R$1500 cheaper

With the launch of the iPhone 13, the 12th generation models (mini and regular versions) are already getting cheaper by up to R$1,500.

Thus, the basic version of the iPhone 13 (with a capacity of 64 GB) increased from 7999 Rls to 6,499 Rs. The more powerful lines (Pro and Pro Max) are no longer sold.

inclusion:‘We want to build apps for everyone’ says Apple boss

According to Bloomberg, Apple is expected to achieve historic sales in the fourth quarter of this year, generating about $120 billion in revenue, even with The shortage of chips in the world. That’s about 7% more than the previous year — and more than Apple achieved in a full year a decade ago.

Presale of Apple's new iPhone 13 line begins Friday 15th in Brazil Photo: Jeenah Moon/Bloomberg
Presale of Apple’s new iPhone 13 line begins Friday 15th in Brazil Photo: Jeenah Moon/Bloomberg

See model prices:

iPhone 13 mini
128 GB: R$6,599
256 GB: R$7,599
512 GB: R$ 9,599

iPhone 13
128 GB: 7.599 BRL
256 GB: R$8,599
512 GB: 10,599 BRL

iPhone 13 Pro
128 GB: R$9,499
256 GB: R$10.499
512 GB: R$12,499
1 TB: R$14,499

iPhone 13 Pro Max
128 GB: R$10.499
256 GB: R$11,499
512 GB: 13.499 BRL
1 TB: R$15,499