June 23, 2024

iPhone 13 will support two eSIM devices – MacMagazine

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Dual SIM

For a few generations now, Iphone Allow users to use technology for example To activate a phone line without any physical SIM. The feature also allows devices to be With two slices, where you can use one line with the “real” chip and the other with the electronic chip.

Now, with the iPhone 13 family, the feature will be even more flexible: for the first time, you will be able to completely dispense with and use the physical chip in Dual SIM two and yes At the same time on your device.

The novelty is stamped on the specification page of iPhone 13 NS 13 Pro. In addition to the usual “hybrid” dual SIM capability (that is, with a physical and an electronic SIM), the ability to support Dual eSIM – that is, with two electronic chips that are simultaneously activated in the device. Of course, the SIM tray remains and you can use a physical SIM to activate one of your lines if you want.

It should be noted that almost all major Brazilian operators already support eSIM in almost all of their plans, so you can enjoy the technology with two different lines, if you wish, in your iPhone in the future. this video It brings more details about the feature and also We have already talked about the main pros and cons of choosing an eSIM When you activate your line.

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