September 28, 2023
Al, Android 12?  Google's phone has been updated with a material you design

Al, Android 12? Google’s phone has been updated with a material you design

Google continues to update its apps with Material You, The calculator was the last to receive the new interface And now the Google phone joins this list by receiving the look inspired by Android 12. Now see what the dialer created by Google looks like in this new version with a new look.

Above and below, you can see screenshots of the app that already supports Material You on Android 12 and has been provided by Twitter users who came across the new design when updating their Google phone to version 70.

Tests show that the new look is not yet available to all users, so it may take some time for it to be widely distributed. Everything indicates that the new interface was enabled by a change in Google’s servers, so even with the latest version installed, the design will likely remain the same for you.

In the screenshots, it can also be noted that in addition to the round elements, the new version also provides support for the Material You theme engine, which extracts colors from wallpaper to decorate system applications.

It’s worth saying that Android 12 is scheduled for release in OctoberIn this way, applications with a new design may undergo some visual changes to this date, when Google Pixel 6 NS 6 Pro Must also debut.