February 27, 2024
Isadora discovers that Rafael is Davi, and Larissa Manoela is praised TV News

Isadora discovers that Rafael is Davi, and Larissa Manoela is praised TV News

Aired this Saturday (16), the decisive chapter of behind the illusionand in it Isadora (Larissa Manoela) Find out that Raphael is David (Rafael Vitti), on social media. And while some viewers were disgusted by the young lady’s reaction, others agreed with the story’s development. Who did well with the viewer was Larissa Manuela. The 21-year-old actress has been highly praised on the web.

“Larissa Manuela is a fucking actress. She coped with her roles competently in all phases of the character. The girl is absolutely wonderful, brothers. Glory to Larissa Manuela,” praised Vanessa Albino. Another netizen said “Isadora completely destroyed. Larissa Manuela is impeccable!”

Reaction from a user known as Matthews: “Larissa Manuela showed what it means to win a chance and deliver an impeccable performance from start to finish. She brought two completely different personalities to life and shine.”

“Larissa Manuela continues to deliver everything in this sequence. All the conflict between hate, weakness, doubt and heart trying to speak louder even though Dorinha tries to drown him out. Simply brilliant,” praised tweeter Vanessa.

The actress received a flurry of praise during the Saturday episode show. In a continuation of the episode that ended on Friday (15) she found out that Raphael was indeed a magician when she saw him doing a number. Promising to report it to the police, he arrived in front of the police chief but failed.

In addition, Isadora walked lost in the streets and Heluisa (Paloma Duarte) and Augusta (Olivia Araujo) also discovered knowing the truth. about the case. She replied, “I can’t trust anyone anymore.”

Her young aunt warned that Joachim (Danilo Mesquita) was dangerous, but she did not believe it. When she returned home, she tried to weep pitangas in her husband’s arms, but was reprimanded and warned that she would have to obey him from now on. More crying Larissa Manuela. At the end of the chapter, I also found out that Joachim knew who Raphael was.

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