April 13, 2024
Capa - Governadora Izolda Cela (Foto: Samuel Setubal-Especial para O POVO)

Isolda follows Cagece’s massive auction in São Paulo | Elliomar de Lima

Cover - Governor Isolda Schilla (Photo: Samuel Setubal - Exclusive for O POVO)
Photo: Samuel Setubal-Special for O POVO
Cover – Governor Isolda Sheila

Governor Isolda Sylla will participate, next Tuesday, in São Paulo, in the public-private partnership auction with the aim of popularizing sanitation in Ceará. The auction will be held under the auspices of the federal government at the B3 (stock exchange). The total concession budget is more than R$6 billion and will be offered in two phases: one for the so-called Metropolitana Fortaleza Norte, including the capital, and the other for Carriere and Metropolitana Fortaleza Sul. In all, 24 municipalities and about 4.6 million people will benefit, according to Cagece President Nouri Freitas, who will also follow this auction, one of the most important for sanitation expansion in the state.

electoral weight

Speaking of Isolda, she has been using her social media to counter the “lies” spread by candidates Roberto Claudio (PDT) and Capitao Wagner (União Brasil) in their radio and TV ads. Well, without being directly in the campaign, he became a target.

official support

else. Isolda Silla is only waiting for the turn of the dispute to get involved in the campaign in favor of Elmano Freitas. She was already preaching against Captain Wagner, with the motto: “No leader from there, no leader from here.”

It’s time to take charge

In a live broadcast, last Wednesday, President Bolsonaro (PL) asked for a vote for Captain Wagner, who was a candidate for the União Brasil government. The question is whether candidate marketers will use video in their campaign at this final stage.

CIRO Gomes during an interview with Journal Nacional (Image: Reproduction/Globo TV)
Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo
CIRO Gomes during an interview with Journal Nacional

How vadis?

In the final phase of the presidential campaign, Ciro Gomez (PDT), who has not yet run, is stalking his supporters who demand a beneficial vote for Lula. What will happen to Ciro after the first round. Here is the great unknown.

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the support

Ex-senator Unisio Oliveira, who is now running for a federal deputy, publishes in his social networks a video of a powerful electoral cable: the presidential candidate, Lula (Labour). It not only asks for votes but also highlights the partnership made while in government with Emedebista.

Goodbye denial!

The Minister of Health of Fortaleza is holding a D-Day today for the multiple vaccinations for children and adolescents. It will fill 116 health centers and will also serve in the city’s shopping centers. Brazil, in terms of polio immunization, is one of the worst countries in the Americas.

churro and jazz

Dori Caymmi, Sérgio Santos, Vanessa Moreno, and people from Ceará like Theresa Rachel, Giuliano Ariston, and Marimbanda are attractions at XI Choro Jazz Festival. It will be held from today until Monday, at Cineteatro São Luiz, and from 11/29 to 12/4 in Jericoacoara. Petrobras in support.

fruits in tourism

Today, in São Gonçalo do Amarante (RMF), the Escargot and Seafood Festival, a tradition in Praia da Taipa, has come to an end. In this edition, Sesc and Senac promote free concerts and workshops aimed at professionals and entrepreneurs in the field of tourism.

for education

State Representative Acrisio Sena (Labour) received fresh support for re-election. After Eudoro Santana, Camilo’s father, Professors Artur Bruno (Chief of Sema), Airton Farias, Cleyton Monte and Adriana Almeida joined.


The Federal University of Carrere, until the seventh, is registering for a public tender for professors. Vacancies are offered in the area of ​​piano and music education. The public notice can be checked on the FCA website (www.ufca.edu.br).


Obagara cable carWhich has received more than 40,000 visitors since it resumed operations in February. Abyababa Tourism Celebration.

get down

Deforestation in Chapada de Araribthat happened quickly. Glad for the reaction of the Federal Police. Better late than never.


Trading closes next Monday. rolling day. /// Accordionist Nonato Lima opens Dominguinhos’ Side B Box on Saturday, 19:00, at CCBNB Fortaleza. Entry is free through the Jazz em Cena project. /// Students and faculty at Estácio University Center are holding an environmental activity today at 9 am. They will clean up Praia do Futuro and will also distribute trash bags to regulars. /// Just remember: “Do you really believe in electing a decisive first round?”